The 39th Friday of 2016 – A Few Days Late, I Know

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Hey, hi, how are ya!  Well, here we are again, another Friday of 2016.  It is no longer summer anymore (also, it is no longer Friday), and I am very much looking forward to the cooler weather.  You know what else I am looking forward to?  A break from all the muscadine picking.  Finally, the harvest season is winding down for us over here and after about 209 gallons picked, I am ready to be done for this year.  I was pretty surprised by how much we actually ended up with and I am anxious to see what next year will bring.  But for now, I’m less of a muscadine picker and more of a wine maker in regards to that part of my life.  I have plenty of wine working from this summer’s harvest, and that is where my attention will now be as far as that goes.  Since it is easy to put the fermenting wine on the back burner, I can now throw myself all in to the boy’s school work.

This summer's harvest as working wine
This summer’s harvest as working wine in the newly finished wine room

But before I throw myself all into that, I have a little thing called a week off to look forward to first.  I have been anxiously awaiting it, and I can now say that vacation time is just around the corner.  I always love writing up vacation posts, but usually I am without a proper blogging set up while on vacation.  I don’t have anything to edit my pics with on my small portable computer, and the thought of posting anything without pictures would just be unheard of for me, so you all are going to have to bear with my sparse posting just a little bit longer.  I do have something planned for this week, so it won’t be like I have disappeared all together; however, my vacation posts will have to wait just a bit longer.  In the meantime, if you are an Instagrammer, you can get some of my daily photos and story updates over there.  I am DMGIRL so feel free to follow along.


I will be back to a regular posting schedule before you know it, so stay tuned…

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