The 13th and the 14th Friday of 2017

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Well, hello there readers!  It’s been a little bit, I know, but I am back again all ready to fill you in on the last two weeks of my life.  Let me start with week 13 cause that was the most uneventful week of the two.  Lot’s of school work, lot’s of grading, and I was catching up on house work from not having been feeling that well the weeks before.  Also, this was the week the first batch of wine from last summer got bottled.  We did things a little bit differently and bottled part of the batch into 1/2 gallon growlers.  Not exactly ‘standard bottling procedure’ but when you are in charge of how you bottle your wine, you can do whatever you want with it, right?  I did bottle some the ‘traditional’ way so, no, I didn’t just end up with a bunch of half gallon jugs of wine.

This week it was also decided that the boy and I would be taking ourselves a trip.  The trip was for the week after (week 14) and we had less than a week’s notice of said trip.  So the end of week 13 found me making sure things got done for while we were away.  Stephen and Yuki had to manage on their own, so I tried to make it as easy for them as I could, and I’d say they did alright.  🙂

Moving on to week 14, this week.  It started with a party, a surprise bridal shower at Olive Garden for my niece.  My friends and I pulled it off, she had no idea, and was truly shocked to see us all sitting around the table when she showed up on her lunch break to make a food delivery.  Her expression was priceless!  Needless to say there were lots and lots of tears, but I remembered my tissues for once, woo hoo!  (I am an emotional person, I can’t even help it sometimes, and knowing this I still always forget to keep tissues in my purse.)

Monday, the boy and I flew out from Nashville to New Mexico for our quickest NM trip yet.  We left Monday, spent the day there Tuesday, and then bright and early Wednesday – actually, before the bright – we set out on our way back to TN, driving.  And specifically driving my boy’s first vehicle.

It was a long drive, I knew it would be, and it was the first time I had driven this route since we moved to TN almost 13 years ago.  We drove as straight threw as we could, stopping mostly for gas and momentary breaks, then in the evening for dinner right as we got into Arkansas.  We stayed the night four hours from home.  It was hard not to keep driving being that close, but we were both starting to get tired and my boy assured me he would not be able to stay awake until our almost 1:00 am arrival time to keep me company.

A consolation to us over-nighting in Arkansas, was that we were passing by IKEA right as they would be opening, and we had a nice roomy truck with us.  I also managed to spend very little money on this trip, so I was able to do a little shopping and get that Mongstad mirror I have wanted since my first ever IKEA trip in 2009.  I was a happy IKEA shopper!

That brings me to today.  The boy is working on school work as I am catching up over here on the blog.  Since the house stayed clean while we were away, I don’t have much to do with it this Friday, only laundry and there really isn’t that much for once.  I am planning on making soup for dinner and that is easy, so I’ve got a little more time to spare than usual on a Friday.  Spring has definitely shown up and I am feeling the need to be outdoors.  Also at IKEA I bought several pots and a new planter stand, in addition to the only thing I bought in NM, a string of pearls plant; so I am feeling a little like gardening.  Let’s see what I do with that feeling this year…

Thanks for reading everyone, and thanks to those of you who have stuck around through my recently lacking posting schedule.  Don’t give up on me yet, I’m still here blogging, just not as often lately.

2 Replies to “The 13th and the 14th Friday of 2017”

  1. How exciting for Ethan to have his first vehicle!!! Steve’s really enjoyed all his tumbling videos!!! Is he volunteering to run errands for you? 💙💙💙


    1. Not yet on the running errands. Ha ha! He’s still in the permit stage of his liscense so he can’t go on his own yet. But he will get more practice this way as my vehicle is a standard transmission and I’m not to crazy about him learning in the Mini. 😳


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