It is Friday and I am right on time with my post, yay!  It’s been another great week over in my neck of the woods – life and weather wise.  I caved and turned on the air conditioner last week and it’s been so warm this week I think it has gone on every single day.  It is currently 82 degrees outside and feels more like summer if you ask me.  Well, summer without such high humidity.  It’s a nice day out today is what I really want to say.

This week, school was pretty easy for the boy and me.  He’s mostly been finishing up his make up work from last week, and since we had a field trip Tuesday of this week, there was one less day of daily written work, which is always nice for the both of us.  We went to a neighboring small town and saw a university performance of Ragtime the musical.  It was really good!  All these small town theater productions I have seen in the last year have just been wonderful.  Next on our theater list will be a ballet performance in Memphis in a couple of weeks.  I am really looking forward to that one, my boy not as much, but I told him I’d take him to the trampoline park afterwards, and he is excited about that.

Aside from school and the usual day to day stuff, I’ve been working on wine again.  I got batch two of this last summer’s 15 gallons bottled.  There were more wine bottles and less growlers from that batch.  Today I started another 15 gallons from some of last summer’s fruit that was still in the freezer.  I have one more 15 gallon batch to make next week, and then some juice concentrate to work and I will be able to say I am done with the fruit of the 2016 growing season.  It was a good season, and the next one is just beginning.

One more thing I did this week, I made it back to my regular gym schedule: four gym days and I even hit my FitBit goal of 12,000 steps twice, and came in pretty close one other day.  I am close to being half way there today, and since I still have the house to clean I might just make it once more for the work week.  I am feeling pretty good about this, as I’ve not been on a regular workout schedule for a month now, and it’s been at least three weeks since I hit my 12,000 step goal.  Lately, I’ve been at about 10,000 or just under.

Lastly, tell me what you think of my barn picture.  I drive by it every single day and always think I want to take a picture of it.  I kind of like the way old barns look.  So today, I came home from making wine, got my camera, and drove back down the road to take a pic.  I always admire this barn the most this time of the year when everything is greening up and the yellow flowers are in the fields.  I think I am going to document this old barn this year through the seasons.  I really like it – the barn and the picture.  🙂

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