Good morning!  Or afternoon, depending on where you are.  I am sitting here at my computer catching up on bills, budgets, and blogging while wearing my newest me made dress and thinking about all the things I have to get done today.  The weather is sunny and warm, just perfect if you ask me, and outside I hear nothing but the humming sound of lawn mowers.  It’s nice having the ground be somewhat dry after all the rain we’ve been getting lately.

A very regular site the last couple of weeks.

A lot has gone on these last two weeks, and I am going to do my best to catch up.  I mentioned mowers above, we too have begun the mowing season.  The Sunday before last was our first official family day of yard work.  I weeded and fertilized my blueberries, the boy and my guy mowed and did all that.  Then it rained and has been almost daily up until this last Tuesday.  I kept pretty busy with school last week and we took our annual school pictures, in the rain, last Friday.

School photo location number two

Last weekend my guy and I did some shopping.  My niece’s wedding is almost here and we hadn’t gotten the boy a suit yet, so last weekend was the time to start looking for one.  You know what else, I hadn’t even made my wedding guest dress by this time – I’d only started to cut it out – so I thought to see what was available while we were browsing at the mall.  I lucked out while looking around and after trying on a couple of fascinators and crazy headband hats just for fun, I found a dress, the only one in my size.  It looked good and fit pretty well, and it also happened to be on sale.  A fancy dress for less than $30 bucks, I couldn’t pass it up.  My first thought was that it would be my back up dress should I not get mine made in time, but then I found the cutest, most perfect shoes to go with it – in my size – so it has become the dress that I will be wearing.  Unless the shoes don’t fit right, and they should be here today, so I shall soon know whether I need to spend the weekend finishing that dress I started or not.  It will get done, just a little later than originally planned.  🙂

If only they had it in navy

This week school was a little on the back burner.  I had wine to work on, and was able to help some with wedding preparations.  Also this week, there was the annual downtown event that my guy’s work puts on every year.  I do always look forward to it, and this year I had hoped to have a dress made for the occasion.  I started it too late, and had too much of everything else going on to be able to finish it on time.  Bummer, yes, but I will have a dress to wear for next year’s shindig.

I will be posting about this make soon.

This pretty much sums up the last couple of weeks: wet weather, shopping, wine and dress making, with a little picture taking.  It’s wedding week next week, so I am getting more wine sorted out for that this weekend, and I know I am going to be plenty busy in the upcoming days of next week helping out however I can for that.  I am so excited for my niece and oh, so very emotional about the whole thing.  I am seriously working hard on containing these tears of joy.  That is all I have to say for today, now off to wash and sanitize wine bottles.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

2 Replies to “The 16th and 17th Friday of 2017”

  1. Ok, I just gotta ask. Your blog references a Bible verse, but I’ve never seen any mention of church and you spend your Sundays doing yard work. Are you Seventh Day Adventist? Or not regular church-goers? I hope you show us the wedding guest dress (with the shoes). Sounds lovely.


    1. Hi! Great question. I’m just a bible believing Christian. Not a regular church goer, I’m part of what you’d call a home fellowship. I keep all the commandments, so I keep the sabbath which is sundown Friday to sundown Saturday – not a Seventh-day Adventist.
      Yes, I am planning to get a few pics of the dress and the shoes! Hoping for a good hair day when I get the camera out for those outfit pics. 😊


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