We are more than half way through the year and, yes, I know it isn’t Friday.  I am sticking with the title, Friday or not.  (Sunday is close enough to Friday, don’t ya think?)  The reason I am late is because that post about our trip to Lynchburg took more time than I thought it would and I had to have it up before the week was over.  Either I am getting slow at editing photos or…  Actually, I don’t know why it took me so long to do that one.  Anyway, enough talk bout that.  If you want to read it, you can find it here.  Now for this week.

I will start with last Sunday and the housewarming party we went to for some dear friends.  Overall, it ended up being a pretty good day.  There were lots of friends, lots of food, and lots of cake.  Although, I was somewhat partial to the state shaped cookies.  After this, we got home and that evening I made my first ever batch of elderberry syrup.  It didn’t come out as syrupy and I had hoped, but it was a good start and I have plenty more elderberries with which to try again.  I think I will go with a different recipe next time, and a smaller canning pot.  The huge pot I have now made it really annoying because it took FOREVER for the water to boil.  I am very much a novice as far as that goes.

Monday, my boy and I went to Nashville.  It was kind of last minute cause I forgot he had a dental cleaning apt until the end of the week before when I got a call to confirm the date.  I hadn’t set aside any extra spending money (Costco) and payday was still a few days away, so we made the trip on the cheap.  In fact, all I spent money on was lunch and a few small things from Costco.  My grocery budget has been stretched thin the last month or so, but I have now adjusted to accommodate a very hungry teenager – ha ha!  Costco, I will be ready for you next week.

On the cheap means we spent our time in the city looking for wall murals.  Taking pictures is free y’all!  It was fun too.  I always feel a lot better about taking pictures of myself in public when I am not the only one doing it.  And actually, there were a lot of people doing it.

Tuesday we went the the swimming pool with some friends and, as always, that was lots of fun.  It takes up the whole day though so not much else happened besides my regular evening activities: the gym, cooking dinner, and cleaning up after dinner.

Wednesday I was home and almost didn’t know what to do with myself so I caught up on some stuff around the house and made tomato soup, a lot of tomato soup.  My neighbor keeps me full of tomatoes and I can’t eat them fast enough so I turned them all into soup.  It is really good and I told my friends I was on a tomato soup diet.  Ha ha!  The reason I made so much was because I was making it for my friends, but getting together with them didn’t happen so it’s all mine.  I can eat the same thing everyday, so between me and the boy it will get eaten pretty quickly I’m sure.

Thursday, it was another day at home and I made cucumber juice.  My neighbor also gives me lots and lots of cucumbers.  I hadn’t used my juicer in years so I got it out and turned those veggies into something we’d drink.  It tasted really good with a splash of elderberry syrup.  My boy thought so too.  Also, I started the book ordering process for this upcoming school year.  I can’t believe it is already that time.

My boy drove us out to the property to pick elderberries. He’s a pretty good driver, but it felt a lot different having him drive me in my car.

Friday was my catch up on laundry and clean the bathrooms day.  I got most of the laundry done and cleaned one bathroom.  Also, I made a corn casserole to go with the sous vide roast we usually have on Friday nights, and I picked elderberries out at the property and took a picture in front of a wall.  I have a very exciting life, you guys!  I also saw a Luna moth.  No doubt this had a nibble or two on the grape vines in its caterpillar stage.  It’s pretty, but I still  really dislike caterpillars.

And that brings me to the now.  It’s almost midnight on Saturday as I write this and my big accomplishment of the evening was to get the rest of that Jenna cardigan pattern taped and cut out.  It’s my first PDF pattern and I don’t like it any more now that it’s all been pieced.  I will find a print shop next time I decide to do another print at home pattern.  I am hoping to have a new cardigan sometime this week.  It’s looking like another busy one though so we shall see how that turns out.

That is all from me.  Have a great rest of your weekend, everyone.  I thank you for reading, and I thank you for your comments and emails.  They are always appreciated and they don’t go unnoticed.  ❤

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