I have some catching up to do, you all!  I am a week behind, I know, but I have a pretty good memory of what’s gone down lately, so let me catch up.  This week that I am recapping, the 37th of 2017, starting with the 14,245th day of my life.  My dad had a very big plant to show me, and we wondered what it could be.

Any guesses on what it is? I’m in West Tennessee, and it grew up in the burn pile.

I am still clueless about that one, but did come to identify another wooded plant that I’ve been seeing around lately thanks to some knowledgeable Facebook users that pointed me in the right direction.  This one below is a Devil’s Walking Stick, in case you are wondering.

Sorry, it’s a little blurry.

Plant identification done, it was now time to try out the new wine press.  I think I like it better than the other one we were using before, but it is more of a mess and takes a lot more clean up.  In two weeks, we have gotten better at keeping things cleaner when we use it though.


The next few days were spent doing school and worrying about a sick dog.  Our Yuki caught and consumed a whole entire bunny.  It was tragic (for me), and at first she seemed fine.  I was mostly worried at this point about her getting sick right after, and I did not want to have to clean that up (I read it’s awful!), but once a day or two passed, I thought all was well.  Not so.  She did get sick, and it was the sickest she’d ever been, and it lasted for three days.  Of course, with my busier than usual life, she was most sick at night and I was the one up taking her out multiple times during the night.  I had little sleep for those three days, and we had a sick dog that we finally ended up taking to the vet.  She started to get better around late Tuesday, early Wednesday, but it wasn’t for days later that I actually got caught up on that missed sleep.  All the while I was still getting up earlier than usual, doing school with my boy, and picking grapes or making wine.  I am not complaining, just explaining, and I was truly exhausted come this time last week.

The boy has since gotten a hair cut and looks a lot less like Yuki’s hair twin.

Something else that happened last week, we went to the county fair, twice.  The last time I went to the fair was in September of 2007 – ten years ago!  We had fun, but the boy enjoyed it the most.  Actually, I guess Stephen and I must have enjoyed it more than we thought cause we went back two days later.  Everyone in the county was probably there this night.  Still fun and my guy and I found a nice spot to sit while the boy and his cousin were on rides.  Stephen and I people watched and listened to a local musician playing a variety of songs – and instruments.  He had quite a musical database: from Prince to Old Crow Medicine Show; yup, I knew the both of them, ha ha!  Henderson County’s got talent, ya’ll!!! I guess you’d call that talent…

Moving along…  Also this week, the Holly Bobo murder trial started on September 11th.  (I am recapping a week earlier, remember.)  This was something that hit so close to home when it happened back in 2011.  There were searches for this girl only minutes from me, and the rumors of her and her local whereabouts went on for years.  I tried to keep up with the trial as much as I could, and this second week of it I actually spent a couple of days with my earbuds listening to the live feed from the courtroom.  It ended today, the 21st, with the jury finding the defendant guilty while I was at my boy’s piano lesson.  The lesson was cut short so we could hear the outcome.  My boy’s piano teacher was Holly Bobo’s voice teacher as well.  All of it is just heartbreaking.

I’m making by the 15 gallon batch now.

Okay, let’s move on to something a little more pleasant:  all this wine!  I got started with the 2017 batches on the 10th.  I’ve got wine for days, nay years, and I am not even exaggerating about that.  I will be looking into a farm winery license because next year may be the year I will start with that phase of the vineyard.  It got a bit overwhelming for me for a few days this particular week.  I felt like I couldn’t keep up, not so much with the grapes but with the rest of my life, but I took a deep breath and got over it.  I’m all good now, and there are no worries to be had.  I slept it off last Friday night and that’s why you didn’t get this update then.

And that’s it for last week.  I will update you a little more on this week in a couple of days; but just so you know, it will mostly be about picking grapes and making wine.  😉

Have a great weekend, everyone!  I’m about ready to call it a night.


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