The last two weeks have sped by!  It’s a busy time of the year for everyone, I reckon.  The blog has been on the back burner and instead of editing photos and writing about how many loads of laundry I’ve been doing, I have been looking into SEO: Search Engine Optimization.  I knew a little bit about it pertaining to blogging, but have never really sat down and done anything about it.  Getting my blog really noticed on the world wide web hasn’t been top priority these days, obviously.  I know a lot of my readers are friends, family, and fellow WordPress users.  Hi, everyone!  Thanks for coming back to see what I am up to each week.  ❤  I’ve not done a lot to expand my readership this year, so maybe in the next one…

What I do need to get noticed right now, however, is my Etsy shop.  I’ve been doing some research into getting my views up, and even joined a couple of Facebook groups like Pinterest told me to.  I have actually learned a lot in the last week and a half.  I had to do some work with my Etsy listings regarding keywords and tags, etc, but I went from having grade E listings to Grade A and B listings.  I am happy about that and my traffic has gone up, a bit, but being an Etsy seller is all still too new to me so I suspect I will be putting a little more time into that in the upcoming weeks.

Not quite sure what is up with the five fingers. I think I was trying to wave? Mirror selfies have never been easy for me.

Speaking of that, I made a few new dresses last weekend.  I was on the fence about keeping one for myself, but decided to list it after all.  I have a couple more on my cutting table ready to be put together as we speak, and I have to make myself something before the year is over.  I just can’t decide on which pattern to use.  I have so many that I haven’t even tried.

I said above that I hadn’t been working on editing any blog photos lately, that is true cause I haven’t been working on photos for the blog, but instead photos for next year’s calendar.  Long time readers may remember I got one made last year and just loved it.  Well, the free calendar ads have been showing up in my social feeds and I’ve started the search through the hard drive for some of my favorite photos from 2017.  It is always so hard to narrow them down.  And this year is a little harder as I have taken a lot less pictures than usual.  I will definitely be doing something about this next year.  Meaning, my camera will once again not be leaving my side in 2018.

Some photo inspiration

One other thing that has to do with photos and my life lately was that I got an email from with an offer to pick myself out any item of my choosing for a review.  Happy happy day!  I got it ordered last night and got the email that it had been shipped earlier today.  There will be more on that in a couple of weeks.  I cannot wait.

I won’t go into details about school or wine with this post, but just know that doing both has had some of my time these last couple of week.  Winter break is just around the corner and I am doing all I can now to have it be a school-free break.  I’m even keeping up with all my cleaning.  Going to bed with a clean kitchen makes me oh, so, happy!  I need a more exciting life, perhaps.  Ha ha!  Not having to do any ‘winter cleaning’ on break is what would really make me happy.

And that is the 411 on me.  I’m happy it’s just about the weekend; always my favorite time of the week.  Have  a great one, friends.

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