What I’ve Bought Lately

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I’m sometimes a sucker for sales.  Some deals I just don’t want to pass up, and I am particularly keen to clearance racks.  However, I have been a bit frugal with my spending lately, and besides fabric – I can never buy enough fabric! – I haven’t bought much.  Speaking of fabric, my guy commented to me on this last night.  I had left Pinterest open on the computer and he happened to notice one pin in particular while he got on to fix something the other day.  He was laughing because he knows me, and it’s probably true.  Not sure which pin it was but here are a few it could have been:

For real though, I just sent him a text that very same morning asking if I could use the remaining spending money in the debit account for a material order since he was getting paid that very night, and the extra money wouldn’t even be noticed if it were gone.  Happy to say, I’ve got MORE material on its way…

So more material means probably more dresses.  But I am mostly making for my Etsy shop.  I don’t think I can order new material and not end up with something for myself though.  I’ll let you know how that turns out.  Speaking of dresses, I’ve got two showing up today.  You’ve seen a pic of one already, but here is the other:

Now, for shoes.  It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten any of those.  I will warn you not to get too excited, as the shoes I recently bought are just workout shoes.  I’ve needed some for months and finally caved when I got a $30 off coupon for Zappos.com.  These cost me a whole $17 and Ryka brand tennis shoes have been the best brand for aerobic dance classes, in my opinon.  The only other brand I have worn for these types of classes have been Reebok, and I will never get a pair of Reebok’s again.  They made my toes go numb during class.  It could have been that particular style, but really I have yet to find a pair of Reebok’s I like the look of.

In housewares, I recently bought a Ninja blender.  I’ve never spent more than $25 on a blender and have been though many of them in my life.  A few I actually spent nothing on and were ‘borrowed,’ if you will, from the family cabin.  Well, we go through blenders and mostly because my boy uses them daily and as some 16 year old boys are, he’s a little careless.  (The blender we had pre-Ninja had a nice sized crack on the top by the lid.  It was acrylic, or something not glass, so I let it be until it was going to break.)  So far, we love this blender!  It was an upgrade too, came with a mixing bowl attachment that essentially was an added bonus.  I had originally gotten one from Walmart that didn’t have the mixing bowl, but then right after Walmart went to Costco and found one cheaper with more attachments.  It’s also touch screen and is the Intelli-Sense model.  We’ve had it a week and there are no-complaints at all.

Lastly for today, this is something I haven’t bought yet, but I am thinking about it and it really isn’t a thing.  I saw the other night that Gertie, every dressmakers sewing inspiration, recently set her upcoming workshop schedule and will be doing some events in Nashville in March.  I can actually make the Truck Show and have been given the go-ahead by my guy to sign up.  My plan is to do that ASAP.

That is all from me for today.  How about you, bought anything for yourself recently?  Let me know in the comments.  Have a great Wednesday, everyone.

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