It’s all coming to an end, folks.  I think it was just last month that I quit accidentally putting 2016 on these headings, and very soon I will have to be putting 2018.  This week was right on par with the whole year, way too fast!  I kept busy, but then by the end of the week I didn’t feel so well.  My sinuses are keeping me unmotivated for much of anything today.  At least it’s Sunday, I don’t have to be anywhere and I won’t feel badly about being a bum.  I may not even get out of my pajamas, and I don’t really care.  The rest of the week though looked like this:


Never mind Black Friday, I’m waiting for Cyber-Monday!  Got that wishlist dress of mine, and with 30% off and a good amount of sale items, I was able to buy two dresses for basically the price of one.  Also found some deals for the boy on the Gym Shark site and he was happy about that.  Really, my Monday morning shopping spree was the perfect excuse to see if my new debit card worked.  I didn’t mention it a couple weeks before, but someone got a hold of my debit number, again, and wiped out my account.  The thieves tried for $800-ish at a dollar store, but only got away with about $400.  Thankfully my money was quickly refunded and I had to make sure the new card worked.  What better way, right?!  Now, I hope I like the dress on me as much as I love it on the site…

Also on Monday:

Back at the gym for only two days this week.  Monday, class was hard!  I keep telling myself one of these days it will be like old times, but I just can’t get out of this workout slump I’ve been in.  Things just keep coming up that are keeping me away from that part of my life.  (Foreshadowing to the end of this week.)


What a beautiful week it was though!  I’m getting in as much sunshine as I can when it’s shining, and it was warm enough that I was actually able to lay out on the back deck.  (This day might actually have been Monday, but it was a nice week either way.)  It’s been a mild fall this year, but I keep hearing it’s going to be a true winter.  We shall see about that…


My guy and I had dentist appointments in Franklin, and that means a day off in the city.  I always look forward to dentist appointments for that reason, the day off.  It’s a good thing that we always have good outcomes at these appointments, or the day off would be a lot less anticipated.  We did some shopping, walking around, and as always finished the day with a nice dinner out.  It was probably the best day of my week.


I spent the whole morning cleaning wine bottles.  No exaggeration.  I thought I would never leave the kitchen.  As the day went on, I started feeling blah: sinus pressure, headache, and a stuffy nose.  Oh, no!  Didn’t do much else but things that needed to be done around the house.  One good thing came of today though, I got an order for muscadines.  I renewed my Craigslist ad and got a couple inquires.  I have two freezers full that need to be gone by summer.


All I really wanted to do was stay in bed.  I couldn’t though.  There were errands to run, and things to do.  I sold some muscadines, went to Walmart – the worst part of the day – and then tried to finish up all I could before the day was over.  It was a very early night for me, and the extra sleep helped as I felt much better Saturday morning when I woke up.

Saturday Night:

Really wanted to sew, but really wanted to do nothing.  I went through my fabric stash and found some scraps to use up.  Got part of a new project pinned and then went and lounged on the couch with the others of the house until bedtime.


So far, I haven’t done much.  I woke up at 4am with the guys before they went out to hunt.  Went back to bed and slept until 9am.  Woke up again and decided to get on with the day.  I was expecting a package yesterday from the mailman, but it didn’t arrive and I was bummed.  (I also ordered Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book last week and Prime said it would be here Saturday.)  Guess what?  The mail sometimes delivers on Sunday cause the mail person showed up this morning shortly after I woke up with my much anticipated book.  I won’t be sewing anything today, really don’t feel like it, but I can definitely start reading it.  Reading in bed with lots of hot tea and tissues might just be what the rest of my day looks like.

And now you are filled in with my life last week, and I have another week of 2017 archived away on the blog.  Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll be back soon.


One Reply to “The 48th Friday of 2017”

  1. Thank you for sharing your weeks with us! It is always so interesting to me to have a little peek into the lives of other bloggers. I am loving your new dress. You are way better than I am though because I can never hold out until the sale! And that Ultimate Dress Book looks like so much fun…although I don’t sew, I would certainly enjoy the photos in it, I’m sure. I do hope you are feeling better soon! ‘Tis the season for all the nasty cold viruses…I have been suffering on and off since September.



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