Looking back now, the week was a blur.  It went by way too fast and there was plenty to do.  I will start with Sunday and hope as I start to recall my week it will all come back to me.  And I didn’t do so well with remembering to take a photo a day either, so some of my pics are coming from my phone for this week.

Sunday, February 4th:

Superbowl Sunday!  I kind of look forward to this day even though I am not really a big football fan.  What it is for me is an excuse to eat chips and dip and not really feel that badly about it.  Today was no exception, except my splurge was cupcakes.  Yeah, that was plural.  And like most all Superbowl Sundays, I felt kind of sick to my stomach when it was all said and done.  But before the overeating of cake, I racked wine and got to ride the six wheeler with my guys out at the property.  That was fun and left us all a little muddy.

Monday, February 5th:

Photography day.  I signed my boy up for a photography class, and since I get to tag along, I feel like it’s going to do the both of us some good.  Today was the first day, and even though it was a very basic intro to his camera, I learned a thing or three myself about mine, and ended up taking more notes than the boy.  I know a little about photography, yes, but being in class with him and going over what he learns during the week as well is gonna be a lot of fun for the both of us.  He really likes it, and for this class that is the most important thing.  Also today, I graded papers and got ready for school tomorrow.  I made it to my one and only gym session for the week and I was happy that at least I got some weights in after class.  I was all set to do some posts for Etsy earlier in the day, but the dress I was going to take pictures of mysteriously ended up stained once it got out of the wash.  I can’t figure out what happened to it, so I had to spot treat and wait to wash it again.  This put me behind with that and I was kind of bummed.

Tuesday, February 6th:

We met for school and everything went as it always does with that.  Got home a little early so I took advantage of the time and cleaned the kitchen before dinner and then realized that I had a tire to deal with this evening.  It started raining, of course, so once Stephen got home I held the umbrella as he took my tire off so I could take it to the shop first thing in the morning.  No gym, like I already mentioned which was another bummer, but at least my car is close to being driveable again.

Wednesday, February 7th:

Another day of meeting for school, and today we did some planning for our end of the year program/party.  We got a menu planned, which with my group of friends sometimes seems to be the most important part, ha ha.  Got my new tire on the way home and happy, happy day… it was free.  Yes, $186 that I didn’t have to pay and I was really happy about that.  Unknown to me, my tire had a road hazard warranty and the pot hole damage was covered.  Came home and had the boy put it on before he went to work.  I had stuff to do at home, so that was the rest of my day.  Oh, I bought the local newspaper today because Ethan was in it.  I bought four of them.  🙂

Thursday, February 8th:

I went out to the property to check on stuff and then spent pretty much the rest of the day doing laundry once the boy was done with school.  I’ve been exhausted lately and suspect my iron is low.  I feel like it is anyway.  I’ve been officially diagnosed as borderline anemic before, and kind of feel like that again lately.  I’ve been skipping my iron since I feel like I eat plenty of red meat, but then when I really think about it, I haven’t been eating that much red meat at all.  (Chips and cake, however, a little too much of that.)  I took out the sous vide cooker tonight and we had steak.  It was good!  And on an unrelated note, my car is driving well.  I am very happy about that, but still planning to put a for sale sign on it once I get some needed maintenance done.  I am happy and sad at the same time.  I still really like my car.

Friday, February 9th:

I didn’t sit down until after dinner today.  The boy had his second photography class and we went on a little photo walk while learning about camera settings.  I was still taking notes, but resisted the urge to get my camera out and act like I was the second student in the class.  A lot of what he is learning now, I already know, but getting a little more information from a real photographer is kind of nice.  I forgot to mention yesterday that the boy and I did some online lessons that the class provided.  I learned something from them also.  In fact, a few somethings.  I am so glad the boy is taking the class!

Saturday, February 10th:

Besides the all day rain, the day was a good one.  Of course it was, Saturdays are always good!  We did things a bit differently at fellowship today and had a video to watch instead of Bible study.  Very informative and then we read the Bible for a while after.  This evening we had a Frito pie pot-luck, and after that a long night hanging out.  I couldn’t be bothered with catching up on my week this night so that’s what I am doing now.  (It’s Sunday evening as I write this.)  I’ll be back next week starting from where I left off…

It’s almost Monday, and I don’t want to think about it.  Ugh!  Hope you, my readers, had yourselves a wonderful week.



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