Dear Diary 2018: Week 26

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It was a bit of a down week for me, not in a bad way, but I did have a few feel sorry for myself moments.  A couple things that got under my skin this week:

  1. My feet have been hurting since boot camp.  I wake up hobbling and by the end of the day they just ache.  I figured it out this week and I am pretty sure that I need some new workout shoes and that it was boot camp that did mine in.  Those six weeks running on concrete/asphalt probably were the death of them and I’ve still been wearing them ever since, even though I’ve noticed the support just doesn’t seem to be the same.  It’s an easy fix, I hope.
  2. I’ve been tracking my calories and macro nutrients for two weeks just to step on the scale and be about two pounds heavier.  I usually try to ignore the scale and go by how I feel, but I can’t this time.  I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, even way back when I was pregnant, and most of my regular wardrobe doesn’t fit me at all.  This is what’s bugged me the most this week.  I can’t give up though, and I will continue on tracking and doing what I do.  I sure hope things take a turn for the better with this soon though.

I got over those things though, and the rest of my week looked like this:

Sunday, June 24th:  We woke up to no power and it was hot.  After about an hour the power was on and coffee was made.  We all stayed up really late the night before.  We had breakfast, which was basically lunch, and then went out this afternoon to take pictures for my photo challenge, go to Walmart, check on bees and pick blackberries.  The new queen bee was released and survived the duel it seems as we spotted her right away on one of the frames.  The blackberries were ripe and ready for the picking.  We have a lot this year!

This evening I played with my camera and some sparklers that we got while out earlier.  It was a nice night, but too many mosquitoes.  My bites have been bugging me all week.

Monday, June 25th – My boy had his first day of work where he left when my guy did.  That means from about 7:30 am I was home with only Yuki to keep me company.  I didn’t know what to do with day at first.  Good thing my friends were getting together so that’s what I did with my day.  I got to work on my quilt some more and enjoyed the time away from home.  Dinner was leftovers so I was in no hurry to get home and make something.  I came home just to get ready for the gym.  The evening was great and since dinner was already made, no extra kitchen clean up.

Tuesday, June 26th:  My boy worked again today and I was home alone all day once again.  Today I wanted to sew.  I had three things in mind and none of them went how I wanted.  I lost my inspiration for this a few hours in and decided to work on my quilt some more.  After this I decided to tackle the clothes pile-up in my closet.  I got it done and it was time for dinner prep and the gym.  This evening we had leftovers once again so another easy night.  The gym went well and Stephen and I are doing our best to follow a weight/resistance plan.

Wednesday, June 27th:  The boy worked all day, again, and I met friends at the lake.  It was the first time I’d been to the lake without him and it was weird.  This whole week with him working all day was weird, really.  The day was nice; we were under plenty of shade for most of it.  It’s been really hot over here, humid and hot with heat advisories, so the shade is essential.  I had to cook dinner tonight, meatloaf, and after the whole day out I was beat for the gym so stayed home instead.  Still a nice evening even though I had to clean the kitchen for the first night this week.

Thursday, June 28th:  More blackberries to be picked and I got that done early.  The boy was off and he was tired so I let him stay in bed.  He’d been working from about 7:30-3, then driving from there to the normal part of his job from 4-8, and from here to the gym.  He’s been away from home longer than Stephen most this week.  I am happy he’s home today though cause there was yard work for him do.  He did that while I finished up with blackberries then it looked like a storm was coming.  The city’s sirens were even on.  It never did do anything.  The clouds stayed around and it just built up for most the day.  We had a nice windy storm this evening, finally.  Didn’t lose the power or anything and didn’t have to go to the storm shelter so that was good.  Just severe thunderstorms.  Made it to the gym this eve with Stephen and watched the boy tumble at his class as well.  I did make dinner tonight but it was something easy.  We even ate on paper plates.  Sometimes it happens, ha ha!

Friday, June 29th:  And here I am today.  I’m a few days sooner with this post than usual, but I am taking a break from my Friday routine.  I’ve already picked blackberries, the boy has picked blueberries, and I am about to speed clean my house before heading to town for weekend groceries and such.  I may even try and make blackberry muffins.  I am ambitious!  We have plans to finally float the Buffalo River on Sunday and we are all excited about that.  I plan to get plenty of pics, we already bought waterproof phone pouches, so you all should read about that soon.  I’m gonna sign off for now and I will be back shortly.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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