Dear Diary 2018: Week 25

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Sunday, June 17th:  Let me just jump right in to last week.  Today was gonna be a busy one.  Stephen had to check hive 2 to find out if in fact it was queenless.  It appeared to be, so on my to-do list for this week is to find a new queen.  While this was going on, I was getting ready to bottle wine.  I had one 10 gallon barrel, about 50 bottles, and one 5 gallon barrel, about 25 bottles.

Once that was done, we refilled the barrels and took them back down to the cellar.  After this we went on a short drive to find a tree.  That tree I posted about last year, well it has grown even more and after asking my wonderful gardening friend, I found out it is a ‘princess tree’ AKA paulownia tree.  It will get big!

This evening was great, I recently discovered naan bread and naan bread pizzas are the easiest to make, plus they are way better than any of the pizza places in town.  That’s what was for dinner and it was delicious!

Monday, June 18th:  I thought I was going to go and get a bee but not until Wednesday so I enjoyed the day at home.  I did another webinar this morning, this one about using Instagram for your business.  I learned a few things and also made another Facebook page for my dresses.  Making dresses to sale is a slow process for me.  With my current variety, or lack thereof, I’m a niche seller for sure.  And honestly, I really want to start wearing many of those dresses myself.  Ha ha!

Tuesday, June 19th:  I did start back to keeping track of what I am eating this week.  This extra weight isn’t gonna just melt off without any help.  I’ve got the exercise thing down, it’s just my diet needs work.  So far, two days in, I’m doing alright.  I was over calories both days by a bit but with what I did at the gym it evened out.  Next week I am hoping to be at calorie goal without the gym offset.  Aside from planning out my meals, today I went to a friend’s house for most the day and spent time chatting and working on my quilt.  I think it’s totally doable to be done with the hand quilting by the summer’s end.  Stitching those hexagons goes pretty quickly.

Wednesday, June 20th:  The day started out rainy and it was a slow morning for me.  I had coffee in bed while catching up with some blogs that I’ve gotten behind on.  Mid-morning I headed out to get a new queen bee.  My dad gave me a ride and we took a little detour.  My first time in Centerville, TN, and from here we made a quick stop at a winery then on to the bee place.  I’d been by this bee place before just never knew.  That windy road we took years back the first time we went to Grinder’s Switch, well the bee place was on that route.

Stephen met me when we got back and he put the queen bee into the hive and we hoped for the best.

He left two other queen cells that the hive had made and as he was placing the queen, he could hear queen piping.  We looked it up afterwards and it just means that there’s about to be a new queen emerging from one of those queen cells and the queens of the hive are about to fight it out.  Hope our new one survives the duel; she’s marked and it would be nice to be able to find the queen a little easier.  Didn’t make it home in time for the gym so got dinner and had wine on the front porch.

Thursday, June 21st: Okay, this is the day that I am having a hard time remembering this week.  What did I do?  Oh, yeah, went grocery shopping and had the school group over to talk about this summer’s school program.  Also got some exciting news that yet another one of my friend’s is expecting.  That was pretty much today.  Went to the gym: took class and did some weights for the second time this week.  There was a nice little storm this evening on our way home and after dinner it cooled off quite a bit so we were able to sit on the front porch and enjoy the fresh air.  Also, the sky was beautiful.

Friday, June 22nd:  The boy worked most the day and I did what needed to be done at home and ran some errands in town.  Once he got off we headed to Jackson for the afternoon.  He got a haircut and we met Stephen for dinner.  It was a long day, but a good one.

Saturday, June 23rd:  Nothing new.  A great day with friends, the weather got hot and humid again, and we stayed up way too late.

And there you have it, another great week of my life.


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