Taking a thoughtful, skilled, themed photo for every day is proving to be a task.  When the theme for the day is easy, not a problem; but when it requires a little more thought and creativity, it’s harder to come up with something I am 100% proud of.  I knew doing this over 52 days would be more of a challenge than taking a year.  Nevertheless, I am moving through the daily prompts and I am only short one for this week.  Water wasn’t an easy one to take due to the fact that there was not much water that I wanted to photograph close by the day I needed to.  That day will show up in the not too distant future.  For now, here’s what I have:

Day 14: Hidden

This tree has caught my eye since spring.  I drive by it everyday and have been wanting to take a picture of it.  It’s a perfect example of pareidolia.  (Raise your hand if you know what that is?)  I read an article about this not too long ago and had to write the word down and hear it pronounced a few time to remember it.  Pareidolia is when you perceive a specific image in a random thing.  Seeing faces when there are none type of thing.  I know what I see in this tree; what do you see?

Day 15: Far Away

The back side of my favorite neighborhood barn.  Also, to the left of this view was another that fit for the far away theme of the day.  Couldn’t decide which I liked more.

Day 16: Water (skipped)

Day 17: Framed

The AT&T building in downtown Nashville perfectly framed by those really neat lights.  I love this picture!

Day 18: Sky

Day 19: Laughter

We had a house full of laughter this Saturday night.  The boy had some friends over and they were all playing games in the living room.  I heard so much laughing, I had to go get my camera and try and capture some of it.  I knew this was going to be a hard picture to get.  Maybe it’s not my favorite from the week, the lighting isn’t how I’d like it, but definitely one of my favorites as far as humans go.  He’s so much fun every day!  We’ve been living and laughing for 20 plus years.

Day 20: Nature

And that’s all I have for now.  Which is your favorite?  Any photography words of advice?  Oh, and what I see in that tree is an owl face.  Leave me a comment of what you see.  Have a great rest of the day, everyone!

Erika ❤

2 Replies to “Photo Challenge Days 14-20”

  1. I also saw the owl in the hidden tree. Love Stephan’s smile and those lights framing the building. ♥️♥️♥️


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