Dear Diary 2018: Week 24

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Right now I really feel like taking a nap, but it’s 6 in the evening and probably too late for a nap so I will catch up over here instead.  This 24th week of 2018 was a very hot and humid week in West Tennessee.  We’ve hit the 90 plus degree marks with high levels of humidity and if you go out for too long you might melt.  I stayed indoors a lot this week.  As usual, nothing more than our regular routine for a Saturday so let me skip right on to Sunday.

Sunday, June 10th – Bee hive check day and today was the day we added on to the hives.  We added two new brooding boxes, one to each hive, both with ten frames.  Hive one is thriving!  So many bees all over it and the first level of frames were almost full so it was the perfect time to add on.  Hive two had a lot less activity than the week before.  Stephen found the queen in hive one but nothing but a queen cell in hive two.  Uh, oh!  He got rid of the queen cell cause he’s read that’s something you can do, but when you see one it’s an indication that the hive isn’t happy with their queen and she’ being replaced, or that the hive is queen-less.  We are monitoring the situation and should know next week if we need to requeen or not.  After hive checks and the property tour, we spent the rest of the day being homebodies.

Monday, June 11th – The boy had a tire to tend to this morning at the tire shop and I had some computer stuff to do.  I got to text chatting with some friends and we all ended up taking about three online photography webinars throughout the morning.  While I was listening to some of them I started sewing my cactus dress and ended up making a day of it.  Until about 3 and then it was time to start dinner and get ready for my evening at the gym.  I had a long gym night tonight and made it to an extra class that an old teacher was having at her place.  It was a lot of fun!

Tuesday, June 12th – Today the boy and I started the morning on the road and headed out to help my niece move.  It was hot, and there was a lot of cat hair.  The boy was miserable as he is allergic to cats.  Ours doesn’t really bother him, but she’s outside only and he doesn’t interact with her too much.  This afternoon I made it home in time to take the dog to the groomers and think about dinner.  Another night at the gym and it was another good one.  Exercising always makes for the perfect end to my days.  But it is hard to find the motivation for anything else come 7:30 once the gym and dinner are done.

Wednesday, June 13th – I don’t know why but Wednesdays are always hard for me to remember.  Oh, yes, I went out to the property to visit with my dad for a bit.  I originally was going to bottle wine, but ended up waiting for this coming Sunday so I can do all the wine I need to do together.  This afternoon my boy had lunch plans for us.  We were close to home so that was nice.  All went well with that, and then once I got home I finished my cactus dress and contemplated getting ready for the gym.  Stephen had some after hours work to do from the house late last night and was up until about 2 am with that.  I was dozing on and off at this time with the lights on so didn’t really get a full night of sleep.  He was staying late today to do some more work, and despite me trying to talk myself out of the gym, I made it but had the house to myself when I got home for a couple of hours, so I was a bum and ended up watching some home and garden TV.  Remodeling shows are kind of the only thing I watch on regular TV, and it’d been awhile since I sat and watched anything like that.

Need this sweater now to go with my cactus dress.  Not the shoes though.  🙂

Thursday, June 14th – My boy just wanted to sleep in so I let him.  I did some stuff around the house and had every intention to get my room in order.  I had piles of clothes everywhere and everything was a mess.  I got distracted here and there by other things that needed to be done, and then around 2 thought a nap was a better idea than cleaning my room.  I was tired!  A twenty minute power nap wouldn’t cut it, I was out for an hour and a half.  I always feel guilty taking a nap longer than 30 minutes in the middle of the day, but reminded myself that I wanted to catch up on sleep this week so felt a little less bad.  I did not go to the gym but instead got a late start on dinner and got back to some laundry.

Friday, June 15th – Everything had to be done by 3.  I tackled my room right away and made it to Walmart before the Friday afternoon crowds.  I cleaned my kitchen, dining room, and living room, plus helped the boy rearrange electronic devices for his new PlayStation.  I was on top of it all today!  At 3:30 Stephen got home early and at 4 we all headed to Union City for a tumbling clinic that the boy was attending.  Those Insta-famous tumblers were there again, and like last year, Ethan learned a lot.  And, he’s gotten even better in a year and is about at their level.  He was feeling really good after the clinic, but also very tired.  All his adrenaline came crashing down.  We were home late, around 10:30, and after all that we all did this week we couldn’t get to bed fast enough.

Saturday, June 16th – A well anticipated day of rest and another day spent with our bestest friends.  We really have a lot to be thankful for!  ❤

And thus concludes another week of my life.

Next week’s goals:  Start minding my diet and get back to a weight lifting plan.  I think I can, I think I can…

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