A good Friday morning to you all! How has the last month been to all my readers? I can’t complain, as all is well in my neck of the interweb. I am here and doing what I mostly do these days: reading, studying, cleaning and, not cooking. Did anyone catch that? The not cooking part? Usually I am always cooking it seems, but the last several months I am at a loss so it’s been the same ole with plenty of leftovers and I am getting tired of it. There are only so many ways to eat chicken and ground turkey. The last two nights we haven’t even eaten a real meal, more like a snack. Anyway, my cooking, or lack thereof, aside, here’s what’s been up…

It’s still been teetering between winter and early summer weather over here the last month. We just had almost a whole week of having to defrost the windshields before leaving the house in the early morning. And then the last two days we were back up to the high 60’s and low 70’s. And we have had more than a few beautiful sunsets!

You can still find me at the gym most evenings during the week. All is well with that part of my life. I am about to start another training program, along with help from a fellow nutrition coach, once again. I may be studying to be one myself, but coaches need coaching as well. πŸ˜‰

My weekends have been pretty nice. I have managed to squeeze in some sewing time, but not like my November’s of years past. I have made nothing for myself since last summer, but I have been working on this quilt a little at a time. I have been shooting for two squares a weekend which is mostly doable. And as you can see Yuki is cone free! This year has been really rough on her, but she is finally starting to act more like herself. I did end up taking her to the vet to see if we could get some relief from all those hot spots and it made a huge difference. Plus we’ve cut back on the groomers which may have helped to contribute to the skin irritation. She’s healing up and is much less itchy, in fact not really itchy at all. Plus, she is running around the house playing like she used to when the boy was around. Having a happy dog makes the days much nicer than having a depressed one around.

We are right in the middle of hunting season and my guy has been out almost every weekend. He got something two weeks ago, two somethings actually, and I was called out to do what I occasionally do for hunting season, help drag it out of the woods. I really like this time of the year, more days off so lots of family time, but it is noticeably different without the boy around. I still miss him way too much. At least he only lives ten minutes away. ❀

The rest of the time that I’ve been away from the blog has looked like this. My original plan was to be done and certified by the end of November, but that little weekend away took some of my time, and a few day trips here and there has slowed me down also. It’s a go at your own pace program so that has been great. If I keep at the pace I am now, with no more interruptions, I should be done by the end of this month. That is my new plan and I don’t want to rush any of the chapters.

And that is the 411 of my life the last month. Hope everyone is happy and healthy! Until next time, here’s a video clip recap of my November. I’ll be back soon.


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