The Second to the Last Friday of 2020

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What a year! And it’s almost over. I have to say, even despite the pandemic, 2020 wasn’t one of my favorites. There was just too much that changed this year for my liking, personally speaking. However, we were never in a bad way this year, and I know so many were, so I definitely don’t want to go on and on about my petty woes of 2020. Instead, let me move on to this week, and what I’ve been up to since the last one.

Monday: I studied but only a little bit. We got ourselves a new mattress on Sunday so I had some cleanup to do after the out with the old in with the new. Then I decided that my kitchen needed decluttering so I took that task on, and got rid of a storage table we had a bunch of stuff on. I had to find a new place for everything that was on it, so needed to rearrange some cabinets as well. That took most of my day. Then I made it to the gym later than usual, but still made it.

Tuesday: I made up for the time I didn’t spend doing book work the day before. That is all I did this day! That and I was anxiously awaiting an email from my new coach with my nutrition and fitness plan for the week. There was a misunderstanding there, so I will be starting with that next week. Can’t wait! Made it again to the gym.

My Instagram top 9 photos of 2020.

Wednesday: The only day I had plans outside of the house. First thing, a massage. I have become a regular with these. I’d much rather get a massage than go to the chiropractor. Self care is the popular thing right now anyway, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰ From here I went to see my dad and we had a barrel to empty and then refill. I also had some wine to stir up and rack. We may not have had any muscadines to do anything with, but we improvised and bought wine kits. From here another evening at the gym.

Thursday: Home again, mostly. I was a multi tasker this day. Studying, cleaning, and then to town with Stephen when he got off of work. The sun shined this day and that was wonderful. It was cold and dreary most of the week.

Friday: Today was not a normal Friday at all. Stephen was home so we had a Sunday-like morning and then out for lunch and cookies. There is a new bakery in town and I wanted to try one of the cookies I keep seeing on their Facebook page. I will be going back for more cookies sometime soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ From here, a usual Friday Walmart run then home. I got to study some this afternoon and now I am here blogging. We ate lunch late enough that it worked for dinner, so I didn’t have to cook and I get to start my weekend with a clean kitchen. Love it when that happens.

That’s my weekly recap. Not a lot going on, but I am staying very busy even still. Book work and studying takes up plenty of time! I’d like to get a best of 2020 post up before the year is over and I have the Chihuly at Cheekwood photos from October that need to get blogged about as well. I have high hopes to have them all up before the year is over. It’s almost over…

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