It’s all over! The year 2020 that is. What a year, right? Not like any I’ve ever experienced and I can probably say, will never experience again – I don’t have any other children that will be moving out, so I won’t become an empty-nester for a second time. There were plenty of lows this year, and also many highs. My family is all well, healthy and working, and as bad as the pandemic was for some, it didn’t make too much of a difference in my life. (Stay at home, home-school mom for the last 12 plus years over here remember?)

Highlights from the last two weeks of my 2020, first off I am almost a certified Precision Nutrition coach. I had wanted to be done at the end of November, but my ultimate goal was the end of the year. I will be a week behind that initial goal. I took half of last week and this whole week off or else I probably would have been done.

Stephen has been working from home a lot the last couple of weeks and we have been doing some other stuff. I don’t want to rush the last of it, and since my attention was on multiple things I said to myself, what difference will another week or so make? None at all. Plus, I am a little nervous to actually get started with what I have learned. We all start somewhere though, with whatever it may be.

I got to see Jupiter and Saturn from my back porch last week. I even got to take some pictures of them. It was really neat to see and had I given it more thought, I could have tried to find them with the telescope. I always forget about that telescope.

We got to spend some time with the boy, which doesn’t happen that much these days. He and the nephew came over to eat and spending time with them was probably the highlight of that week. We tried to get them over today, but it didn’t work out. Uh, teenagers (the boy for a few months longer anyway), always too busy for the parents/adults. (Have I mentioned I still miss Ethan not being around? Well, I still do so much. It’ll get better I know. I think.)

What else, I finally started receiving some of the things I’ve ordered online lately. I got new material and a new pair of Doc Marten boots. I am waiting on a photo album that I made on, and it’s been two weeks without an update so I had considered it lost in the mail forever, but today a location was found. Maybe I will get that next week…

Now for this week, I finished the quilt kit I was working on. It was January that I cut it out and made the top, then it took eleven months to actually quilt it, not quilting it the whole 11 months though. I machine quilted it and didn’t start on that part until May I think. Maybe it was later than that. Either way, it’s totally done. I forgot to sew one of my labels on it, so I will do that and take better pictures at a later time, probably this next week. 🙂

We finished the year off at our most visited winery of this year. We had pizza and wine yesterday afternoon and spent the evening hanging out, watching tv while waiting for the new year. And that was the final bit of my life from the dreaded 2020. What I am most looking forward to in 2021? I hope we can travel in 2021.

How was your year? Hope your 2021 is a wonderful one! Thanks again for reading about another year in my life. I enjoy all the feedback. Thanks again, readers.

❤ Erika

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