And what a week it was! We have blended into the new year quite well, wouldn’t you say? I have a feeling by the time this year is over, the world as we know it will forever be changed. In less than one week, so much has happened, I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I were to give my thoughts on the matter. Instead, I will talk about what I have been up to since the beginning of the year – not too much. I will admit, I have spent way too much time on social media, which makes me upset, and I don’t know what is ‘real’ news and what is ‘fake’. I will say, that if anyone was ever wondering what the book 1984 was all about, you don’t have to read it, we are living it. Crazy times for sure!

I started last week working on my year of video clips. It didn’t take long to wrap it all up and mash the year together, but it did take way too long to get it to load on to my computer from my phone. Finally, it has been saved, and if WordPress doesn’t think it is too long, I will have it at the end of this post. Last year was an emotional year for me, for sure, and I am working on a recap and reflection of it all, hopefully to be published before we get too far into this one, but my computer was unavailable to me all of last week so I have made no progress with that post.

Stephen worked from home all last week, and the computer room was his office, therefore my ‘workspace’ was the dining table. I only studied and read all things nutrition most of the week, and in my free time from that I was at the gym or cleaning the kitchen. I haven’t really done laundry in two weeks, so that is on my list for today. Life as I know it has now resumed, and things with my day to day are back to normal, or should be anyway. Maybe it is too early to say that for sure. It’s been three weeks of nothing being normal around here after all.

I have a dentist appointment this week, so a trip to the city is planned and I am very much looking forward to that. Perhaps I can make some time to shop. I’ve only online shopped lately and I miss going into and looking around stores. (Walmart doesn’t count.)

I have 115 pictures that I took of myself of dresses that I sewed or blogged about last year – only 115! That is unheard of for me, and I only made three new dresses last year, which is also unheard of for me. I am sure in those 115 photos, I have 113 outtakes so I reckon I will be able to have an outfit, outtake post in the coming days as I have in years before. I do so enjoy those posts. 😉 That is about all I have to write about for today. Have a great week, everyone; stay sane! ❤

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