And the winner is…

This week I entered a phone photo self portrait contest.  Funny, I am just getting a go at being photographically inclined and I have never thought too much of myself in photos – never mind all of those that I have been posting on Facebook though.  That aside, I decided to submit a photo that I had taken of myself and see if I might win.


I took this in a red tent while camping and the picture was okay, but terribly red!  So thanks to Camera +, I got a grunge edit out of it and a possible chance at winning something.  Well, I did not win, but got a good comment on the picture, and got to see myself on something other than Facebook this week!

Anyway, I am keeping up with the weekly contests, and maybe, just maybe, I will be a future phone photo contest winner!  (More than likely, however, not for a photo of myself.)

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