Coffee and Photoshop

This evening I accomplished something that I have been trying to do for a few weeks now.  And when I say trying, I mean spending little bits of time here and there at.  What is this thing that I have been trying  to do, you ask?  Well, it was to make a collage in Photoshop.  I am so very happy to say that I finally did it!  Only google to help me – and that cup of coffee I had a few hours back.  I am becoming quite computer-net savvy these days that my tech support husband is gonna be out of a job! (Actually, I am sure that won’t be the case! And I am sure this is definitely not something to get a big head about. I mean, probably making collages is top of the ‘Easiest Things to do on Photoshop’ list.  Well, I am happy to have done this ‘easy collage’ nonetheless!

My collage is a montage of the dresses I wore for last month’s Dressember.  I posted a pic everyday of myself on facebook for the month of December, so I won’t bother to post this collage on there.  But it is a nice reminder of how much fun wearing a dress everyday for the month was, and I got to learn something in the process- a minute fraction of Photoshop.  (Sorry to the facebook friends who might read this and have to see way too many pics of me again.)

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