Shoe Challenge

Shoe Challenge Complete!

I did it!  A whole year, well three weeks shy of it, and I have managed to wear all of the shoes I included in my Shoeper Shoe Challenge!  I started out with 28 pairs of shoes and ended up with 32.  I am still trying to figure that out –  I over looked a few, and then bought some, and then forgot to count others – anyway, I did it!  It really wasn’t that hard, and I am so happy to have brought those neglected shoes out from the back corners of my closet.  I am afraid that a few may never see the light of day again, but I am contemplating replacing them with others that may enjoy lots of wear.  I am really trying to get over my Doc Marten obsession and I think this challenge helped me… some.  I still prefer my Doc’s to any other shoes that I have and if I had an extra few dollars laying around I would buy some more in a heart beat.  But, I do have my eye on a few shoes that I would say are out of my ‘comfort’ zone!  If only my shoe size wasn’t an issue.


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