Photo Friday: Puppy

I have somewhat of a goal to write a post a week.  Not every week is super exciting in my everyday life so, based on some ideas I have gotten from blogs I read, I have decided that a ‘Photo Friday’ post will help to make my weekly post goal.

A few months back, five to be more precise, a friend of ours got a dog.  My boy wants a dog so much, that for a while that was all we heard about.  I have been so hesitant to go along with this idea for many reasons.  The biggest one of all, we now live in TN!  Well, my guy and I talked it over and over, and over and finally thought, sure why not.  We will start to accept the idea that a boy needs a dog.  (The grandparents now come into the picture.)  Shortly after this decision, the offer to get the boy a dog came up, and since my guy and I had already decided this was something we could do, it was easy to say yes.  Now, how do you keep getting a dog from your ten year old a secret? You don’t.  He figured it out right away when I started talking to him very vaguely, I thought, about it.

The offer was for a Bichon, the boy had thought he wanted a Chihuahua like his friend, so I managed to talk him out of the Chihuahua.  And after looking into it, we found that a Bichon is an ideal dog for an inside setting and for a boy with lots of energy!

Months of hunting and several unsuccessful attempts later, we have finally found a puppy that will be ours.  We are all very excited about it and anxiously awaiting our soon to be new puppy, even me.  We put our deposit on her this week and she is ‘officially’ ours waiting for us to pick her up in a few weeks.

Here is my Photo Friday pic of our ‘arranged’ puppy, as my guy called it.

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