Where the Snow Is

It has been awhile and another trip is about to be underway.  Little did we know back in October that this winter would be, so far, nonexistent!  In October, we planned a skiing trip to our former state of NM for some fun in the snow.  We were hoping that this trip we were planning (and buying nonrefundable lift tickets for) would be a go.  There was not a lot of foreknowledge of what the winter would bring to NM, but if the snow was scarce, we thought we could at least go tubing and enjoy those mountains that we left behind.  So far, according to weather updates and facebook feeds, the snow in Red River is great!  The ski conditions are fantastic and it would seem that Northern NM is one of the places to go this winter to ski, and, perhaps, feel like it is in fact, winter.

Shortly we will be saying goodbye to spring-like TN, and hello to wintery NM!  (I heard it snowed there today.)  I wonder if I will think at all about the 65+ degree weather we’ve been having in a few days when we are where it is currently 6 degrees! Well, it is winter- somewhere!

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