Photo Friday: View From Above

Today is the first day of our ‘annual’ Feburary ski trip. I say ‘annual’ and ‘ski trip,’ but this is really only the second such trip, and really I am the only skier amongst the three of us. My guy and my boy snowboard. Perhaps I should give that a try sometime! That aside, I do hope we make this a regular thing. February seems to be an appropriate time to ski. One would think that at this time of year the slopes would have plenty of snow. We are heading to Northern New Mexico where there is snow and cold a plenty! And so my Friday pic is of the traveling theme: the view from the plane as we were about to land in Houston. Not a bad flight but kind of a long day. Anyone reading this who is interested in more trip details, check back often as I will be posting about the trip all week.

Two weeks posting success, and now I know I can blog from my phone. I should have no excuses!

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