Photo Friday: Blueberries

I am still procrastinating to put that cucumber / watermelon garden in the ground- I have downsized my garden plan to only those two items.  Each weekend for the last couple of weeks gets me a little closer, but the boy and I just haven’t done it yet.  This week the rain hindered our efforts.  The morning we were gonna do it, the rain showed up and a lot of it came down!  Then every other day we just didn’t get to it.  In the back of my head I am thinking of how easy flowers seem to be, which I have been planting a lot of, and then I also know several people who cannot get rid of their veggies fast enough, my neighbor for one, so all of these things have helped to keep me from it.

One thing that I have been successful at growing though are my blueberries.  I have six bushes that are doing very well.  They are my garden babies!  I spend the most time and put the most effort into them.  They really aren’t that hard so it isn’t like I am spending hours on end taking care of them, but they do require fertilizing, and weeding and mowing around weekly.  A bonus is they are pretty much pest free!  The birds are starting to find them as they are growing bigger, but that is easy to fix.  This week was the first week of my blueberry season.  I found two ripe ones on Sunday and then more and more every day since.  Yesterday there was a handful, and we are very excited that blueberry time has arrived!

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