Going Somewhere?

Last week my guy asked me one night if I knew what prices to Europe were these days – what?!  Although I do occasionally look up prices for our upcoming ‘imaginary’ trips, it had not been on my to do list lately.  So I, with no hesitation, got online and looked up current airfare to Europe.  He was just thinking that with the economy so bad perhaps we could find a deal on something.  His thought was just that, a thought.  So right when my scouring search online began, he said that we could look into it another night.  Ah, so close!  I did spend enough time to see that airfare isn’t too much more than it was the last time we took a big trip across the ocean.  And I now know he is thinking of traveling.  This is great for me cause I have more time than usual to put on my travel agent hat and see what I can find.  We usually end up planning a big trip for many months and then don’t even get to go for at least several more.  It is a saving up process for us but one that is well worth it!  We don’t have any plans to go anywhere any time soon, but a ‘thought’ is a step in the right direction.

Will it be:

Castles, ruins, and history?  Or:

Sunsets, beaches, and the sea?  Or maybe, just maybe, it will be none of the above!

Thank you to my guy for these great pics!

5 Replies to “Going Somewhere?”

  1. Europe is terribly expensive. I know that some eastern european countries are cheaper to live in though. For example Croatia. The beaches are supposed to be as beautiful as maybe in Italy, just a lot more affordable. If you are interested in the big cultural things, there is hardly a way around the big prices.


  2. Wow u are so lucky haha I wanna go to Ireland so bad and me and my teen class are saving money to go to Russia!! 🙂


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