A Farm Life

I do not live on a farm, I have never lived on a farm, and I have never wanted to live on a farm.  However, the family property in Tennessee is becoming more and more like a farm everyday!  (Please note that this ‘family property’ is not the property I currently live on.  It is my Dad’s land that is a ‘retirement project’ and it more involves my dear friend’s family and farm animals!)  I grew up in the city, I loved the city, I never wanted to leave the city.  Then, my new husband and I, several  years back,  moved to a northern town, of population – I don’t know, but it was hardly a city!  Well, that is when my transition to small town life began.  I hated the small town, not just because it was Las Vegas, NM, but because it was not a city!  (Although, compared to ‘cities’, I now know that Albuquerque was hardly one. )  Moving along…  I now live in a city that is even smaller than that Northern town, and I have begun to like life in the country!  Tennessee is worlds apart from Northern New Mexico, but I never would have guessed I would have some what a part in farm life, even if it is a very small part.  This last week twins were born on the family property, twin goats that is, and my guy, the boy, and I had to go and see them yesterday evening.  They are adorable!  But it is just crazy to think that this new ‘farm life’ is now more of a reality than I ever thought possible!  Don’t be fooled though, I am still just a mall rat at heart!

Did I mention there are chickens?  Lots of chickens!

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