Shoe Save Six

I did not include this pair of shoes in my challenge last year because I thought they were too ugly to bother saving. I did include them this year however, even though they did not become any better looking. My reason for this is because they are shoes I wear a lot during the summer. They are Skechers and are one of two pairs of Skechers I own. They are very worn and also very comfortable, but I thought this year they were at least worth a mention – even though I hope to have replaced them by the time summer is over!

I also did not intend on documenting this shoe save today, it was a last minute thought and maybe a silly one at that. You see, when the boy and I got home from his piano lesson, a storm was headed our way. We could see it not far from us and the wind was really picking up. We rushed home to let the dog out before it started to pour and as we were out, I could tell that the worst of the downpour was just gonna skim us, but since the wind was blowing and I was wearing a flowy skirt, I thought to get the tripod out and get some pics with the perfect billowy shots! Well, not really any billowy shots cause the sun came back out and the heat returned. So I spent a good 20 minutes twirling about the yard trying to make my own ‘windy’ look! (Luckily, my neighbors are far enough away or else they might have thought I was crazy! Just the boy was around and he already thinks that sometimes as it is!) And then I did another silly thing, I lay in the grass! Doesn’t seem silly really, but when you live where I live and have bugs covering every inch of ground this time of year, it is silly! No bugs that I can find, yet, but my skin won’t stop crawling! And there you have it, at least one cheesy picture, the story of my shoes, and my efforts to document them!


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