Shoe Save Outtakes: Part I

I have decided to clean house this week, so I don’t have any shoe saves to show for this Wednesday.  I have instead come up with a post based on some shoe save outtakes.  So here is somewhat of a shoe save post for Wednesday.  And on a scheduling note, I am going to start linking up with for Shoeper Shoesday, so starting next week, my Shoe Save posts will be on Tuedays – Shoesdays!

In an attempt to get a perfect picture- well, a viewable picture in which I do not look like I just woke up- there are many, many tries. (So happy for digital cameras!)  In my attempt of self-photography, and in order to get a viewable picture that won’t be too awful for the interweb, I have taken a big part of the hard drive up with pics, some okay and most, not so much.  I don’t want to over do it with shoe challenge pics so I only pick one or two to go with each post, and I am finding now that I am learning some photo editing, there are a few that I would have liked to have used instead.  So lately in my free computer time, I have been using said pictures to help me practice with my new found love of Photoshop (I hope not to keep mentioning Photoshop, but it is just so cool), and rather than changing pics in old posts, I have come up with some outtakes.  Some pictures may be better than the ones I originally posted, and some are just really silly, goofy, and or cheesy but it is always good to be able to laugh at yourself, right?

I have 30 plus shoes to document so I should end up with many many outtakes and maybe a few more posts like this before the challenge is through, so here is part 1:

Hand on the hip pose.
Spinning around pics aren’t the easiest to capture with a self-timer, but a lot of fun to try!
I think I liked this one better.
Something serious.

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