Skirts of September: Week 2

Another week of only skirts, so another photo round up. Most of my skirts I have had for a really long time so they are kind of old. If anything, this month is gonna make it easier for me to part with some of them because I am kind of tired of wearing a lot of them, and maybe have had them around far too long. I might need to upgrade or store them away for awhile until they are new to me again. If anything, these clothing/shoe challenges are helping me to do some closet cleaning!


9th – Old Navy / 10th – Handmade (yard sale) / 11th – Daisy Fuentes from Kohl’s / 12th – Liz Claiborne (yard sale)


13th – Derek Heart from Kohl’s / 14th – handmade by me / 15th – handmade by me