Hello Cold World

I needed to be reminded of what cold weather feels like.  I don’t know how long it will stick around since the weather has been much like a roller coaster of ups and downs for the last few months, but it finally feels like December.  It was 75 degrees just last weekend and then come Monday, the temperature actually dropped as the day went on.  Kind of weird having the sun set on colder temps than when the sun rose!

Speaking of sun, it was nice to have seen it a few days last week.  When it has been rainy, cloudy, and dreary for more than three days, I am very happy to have a bright sunny morning to wake up to.

Perfect weather for dressing warm, and that would mean another day for a pair of shoes to be saved!  Number 33 of this Shoe Challenge, and only five pairs left to go – I just counted.  I am excited to have worn through my shoes once again, but what will be next?  I am sure one round of reading about me saving shoes is enough for you all (apologies to my facebook friends who saw all of these last year as well).

These are Bullboxer brand, lace up boots.  I just had to have a pair of brown boots one day, and these were what I got.  Lace-up boots with zippers make putting them on so much easier too!



So five left to go.  I should have no problems getting them worn and saved in the next few weeks to come, especially if the weather continues like December!

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