If I Were Afraid

“You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.”

This idea was based on the book 1984, and it also was today’s WordPress daily prompt.  This is what I have to say:

I did read the book 1984, and I found it very disturbing.  Disturbing in that it is pretty much a prophesy of what is currently happening in America right now.  I have a biblical view on politics, and I know what happens in the end.  Therefore, I am not going to worry about things I cannot change.  So, back to being locked in a room with my greatest fear…

Since I have worked very hard on not having fears or being afraid, I think right now, my biggest fear (being used very lightheartedly) is what may or may not happen come this next Tuesday.  What is going on this next Tuesday, you might be wondering?

Those who know me personally, know that I have a husband who is a computer guy.  He also happens to be a computer guy for a local internet and telephone company.  The irony of this is that we live where we have a very limited availability of internet options, and my husband, being the internet and computer guy he is, is absolutely helpless with this so very familiar aspect of his life.

We have had dial-up – it was 2007!  We had an ISDN line – it wasn’t that fast!  Then, we happened to stumble upon Virgin Mobile – it isn’t that good!  So now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, or perhaps that tunnel will soon be overrun with rats and we will be back in our dark, unreliable high-speed, internet-less world…

My biggest fear, at this very moment, is that the newest internet provider to enter our lives will show up next Tuesday and tell us that we are, once again, out of range for true high-speed internet!