What Goes Around Comes Around

Hello, readers!  I am continuing on into the fashion side of my blog life today and writing a little something about current trends in the world of style.  Read on, if you will…

I have never really been a trend setter, at least I don’t think I am.  I do, however, usually pay attention and have some idea of what is in style at the moment, and this is only because of what happens to be currently stocked at most retail shopping sites that I visit, whether in person or online.  So, usually I am not one who appears to be living in another time as evidenced by my choice of clothing.  I shop modern stores and dress in modern trends, even if unintentionally.  Only occasionally do I ponder my clothing store choices thinking, this is so right now, I must get it!  I buy what I like, in style or not, and usually what I do like happens to be in style just because I am shopping essentially where everyone else is (unless you are talking about my thrifted choices).

Speaking of pondering clothing choices tough, I can tell you that this recent eighties trend – hopefully it is almost at its end – is something I have avoided completely.  No neon, no side ponytails, no acid washed jeans for me!  Maybe because I was just young enough during this time to not really appreciate what 80’s style really was, but I have no interest – shoulder pads, why?  No thank you!

Well back to my thoughts at hand, they say fashion comes in waves.  What was popular years ago will make a comeback in the not too distant future, so it might be a good idea to hang on to what you have now, right?  Some say, yes, I have always thought, no way!  Until I recently realized something about my style self.

I was back to school shopping a month ago with my boy and low and behold, what did I see in the center display at one of the stores in the mall?  A nice looking pair of mock Doc Martens!  My kind of shoes I thought, Doc Marten boots go with everything!  As we continued to shop and make our way through the stores, I started to realize that I could totally recreate this new style that I was seeing in all of the shops.  Basically, so much of everything on display is in my closet right now!  Wait, what? Does this mean that I have been living in the past all this time without even realizing it, and that I have been holding on to the trends from when I was younger?

Now from what I read in the recent fashion magazines and from what I am starting to see in stores, 1990’s fashion is making a comeback!  This is great for me, apparently, because I don’t even need to shop for it; I already have a closet full of 1990’s fashion ready to go!

What Goes Around Comes Around
How about you, what is your era of choice?  Or is there one particular that you are not ready to see again?

2 Replies to “What Goes Around Comes Around”

  1. Well you look beautiful in whatever you want to wear! No favorite era or style for me just what I like. I miss shopping at New Moon Fashions in Las Vegas, NM.


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