A Seasonal Change

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getting ready for hunting season / wildflowers / mushrooms / muscadines / working hard / in the yard / grew all summer long / material shopping

The summer is winding down, only nine more days until fall.  I always seem so surprised when another season has come and then gone.  Already the boy and I are one month into school.  Just like that, the summer will be but a memory and it is about time to be done with the hot and humid weather.  (Despite my best efforts of not talking about the weather, I just can’t help it.)  My favorite time of the year is the end of September, pretty much all of October and then a little bit of November.  Yay, it is almost that time of the year!  Hot and humid, I won’t miss you one bit.  Your departure cannot come soon enough.

It is the end of summer, so it is time to get ready for the next season, hunting season in this house.  The guys in my life have found themselves a new hobby, and it is just about that time of the year for them.  There will probably be way too much camouflage surrounding me in the upcoming weeks, but somehow, I am okay with this.  Hunting for them just means more sewing for me!  Or more wine-making, or more blogging, or more thrifting, or more anything really.  It won’t be hard for me to find something with which to keep myself busy.  How hard is it to have an autumn garden?  Oh, forget it.  I should just give up on my hopes of having an edible garden.  It just isn’t for me.  But flowers, I need some more of those.  Oh, and what kind of fashion or clothing challenge could be done in October?  Hmm, I might have to think on that one…

*Photos via Instagram.


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