Style is the Perfection of a Point of View

Week two of Skirtember down into the blog archives! One good thing about having semi-planned outfits for the month is that I don’t have to do as much laundry. And who really wants to do laundry? Not me.

Week two went well, but how else would it have gone? There is nothing really too hard about getting dressed every day. I added a few new skirts to my collection this week. Something new-to-me from the Goodwill, and I also came across a few skirts that had gotten lost in my to-be-fixed pile. So now, I have even MORE skirts. But I am working on the to-get-rid-of pile as we speak, so maybe it will all even out when the month has come to an end.

I will be linking up with Scattered Seashells again tomorrow, so stop on by to see more Skirtemberists and all of their lovely skirts from the week. Until next time, here is what I wore this week:

Skirtember8-108th – Old Navy | 9th- Evolution | 10th – Forever21


11th – Fossil | 12th – A. Byer | 13th – Heart Soul | 14th – made-by-me

One more thing before I go, how about joining me for this week’s Thursday Thrift theme? The week before last, I made a call for fellow wanna-be-fashionista bloggers, or even real fashionista bloggers, to join me in showing off your thrifty side. If you have an outfit, featuring a thrifted fashion find, and you would like to make a post about it, stop by here for details on what to do next. If you aren’t a WordPress blogger, you could also just stop back on by my site and leave me a comment with your link on my upcoming Thursday Thrift post this week.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s outfits!

*Title quote, Richard Eberhart. (I don’t know if I can keep coming up with fashionable quotes for the remainder of this Skirtember, but I am going to try.)

9 Replies to “Style is the Perfection of a Point of View”

  1. You know, I don’t think I have ever seen you in a red shirt. Lookin’ good! I think red is my color so undoubtedly it must be yours too! 🙂


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