My Week in Shoes

My current Shoeper Woman shoe challenge started on September 1st and I have successfully worn shoes every single day!  Not really a big surprise that I wear shoes everyday, but the shoes that I wore, photographed, and saved this week are the ones that count!

I have worn quite a few different from my everyday pairs lately, and for a small moment, I thought I was going to have to reconsider my count and scratch off another one of my overly worn pairs after this last Sunday.  However, I discovered that a high powered hose works well for cleaning off mud and muck from a favorite pair of Doc Martens!  So, never mind, my count still stands at 37 total, and with these two, I have four pairs saved.

Saturday September 14th:

xhiliration ankle strap shoes

xhiliration ankle strap shoes

Ah, fall is finally getting close, and today was a nice taste of what is to come.  We awoke to 50 degrees this morning and the day didn’t get much higher than the lower 70’s.  Plus, there was a nice breeze and no humidity!  Wait, I am sure there was some humidity, but it is not as noticeable when the weather isn’t so hot.  It was a beautiful day and an evening walk at the lake was a nice way to end it.

Sunday September 15th:

mary jane Doc Martens


After a good part of the day trampling through mud and surrounded by chickens, an early evening dinner with the family was a must.  Also on the afternoon agenda, a nice walk with the dog.  The great weather continued into today, only a little bit warmer than yesterday, but still feeling much more like fall.  I can’t wait until this heat is completely gone!

I am not in any hurry to get my shoes saved this time around, and starting in September ensures that the weather won’t hinder any of my attempts; they should all get worn with no problems at all.

Happy shoe saving!  (And if you want a shoe challenge, details at

The Shoe Details:  14th – Xhiliration || 15th – Doc Martens

*Linked up with Rachel the Hat and Lena B, Actually and their Passion for Fashion.


6 Replies to “My Week in Shoes”

  1. oh i wish i had started this shoeper woman, it sounds fun!! And i love those first shoes they are real pretty!thanks for linking up to passion for fashion, hope to see you again tomorrow!xx


    1. Thanks! I hope to continue linking up in the future. 🙂
      It’s not too late to start a shoe challenge of your own. The condition being that your shoes get worn and documented by Sept. 1st of next year. The lovely Shoeperwoman does a Friday link-up post for the week’s saves. It is a really fun challenge!


  2. It’s also good weather for cowboy boots. They are the foot apparel of choice for me. I’ve been wearing cowboy boots (good quality s*** kickers) since Grade 9. I love your blog, by the way. I’m not a fashion expert but I believe that a good attire starts from the ground up. Have a great fall.


    1. Hm, cowboy boots, huh? I have never even considered them, but as much as my life has changed these last few years, they just might be a good choice… lol! 🙂
      I am not too sure about my ‘fashion expertise’, but I think you are right. Thanks!


    1. Thanks! I would probably have more pairs with ankle straps if I didn’t think they made my feet look smaller than they already are. This pair doesn’t make them look too bad, hopefully…


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