TheThursdayThrift9-19Hello, Thrifters, and any others who have stopped on by today. It is time for another Thursday Thrift post, and this week, hopefully, I am happy to be having a few others showing their thrifty sides as well. Take a gander at the #ThursdayThrift tag over in the reading section of WordPress to see who else has something to show. I hope to see others taking part! If you aren’t taking part this week, but would like to, details are here. Now on to my item of the week.

Brands! The labels aren’t usually the first things that catch my eye while out thrifting, but I do have to take a second and see from where the item originally came. It always makes me smile when I find a brand that I am familiar with, especially since I know I will be paying much less than the original brand-new price.

Fossil Brand SkirtMost items I find are in great shape, and this one is no exception, the few that aren’t, I usually pass on by. I do occasionally make it home with something that had a small imperfection that got overlooked at the store, but sometimes a few stitches here or there is enough to make it all good again. And if not, you can’t beat thrift store prices even if you only get a few wears out of the thing.

Of course I would have a thrifted skirt to show this month, it being Skirtember after all! And, of course I would go looking for a new skirt, I blame Skirtember, because I just needed another one! (Okay, I really didn’t need another one, but wanted a reason to finally make it to the Goodwill on $.99 Wednesday.) And even though it was $.99 Wednesday, the skirt I found was not the color of the week, so it was a full $4.49, still not bad considering what it was, a plaid, Fossil skirt – I love it!

This had the potential to be my new, most favorite skirt – I have a fondness for plaid, and semi-full skirts – bonus points for being silk, and it is one of my admired brands, Fossil. I say admired because, I have been to the fossil store and I always try something on, but don’t usually have the shopping allowance to spend $50.00 + on a single, casual item of clothing. I mostly leave empty handed.

There was only one problem with this skirt, Dry Clean Only! Knowing this was not gonna make it in my closet if I had to go to the dry cleaners, (I have a comforter that has been sitting on the top shelf for years now, because I still haven’t made it to the cleaners!) I washed it right away. (My aunt also kindly gave me a few tips the last time I was talking about dry cleaning.) If it wasn’t going to survive an at home washing, no use even getting attached, right? Good news, it came out of the machine only a little more wrinkly than it went in. I hung it to dry, and ironed it on low, and now I am happy to say I have a NEW-TO-ME favorite skirt!

I was curious to the actual price of the item new, but all I found was a another used one on ebay for $19.95 + shipping. I think I made out quite well with my $5.00 Fossil skirt, don’t you!

Fossil semi-full skirt

TheThursdayThrift Fossil Skirt

Shirt – Express || Skirt Fossil (thrifted) || Shoes – Skechers || necklace – made-by-me

Anyone else have an outfit post up today featuring a thrifty item? Make sure you tag it #ThursdayThrift so others can check it out.  Also, feel free to leave a link in a comment.

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Lena B, Actually

8 Replies to “A Brand New to Me Skirt”

  1. Thrift shopping is our way of life. The treasures that I have found in the thrift stores are not limited to fashion. Only yesterday my husband arrived home from some errands with 3 1.6m of bright red denim for me! 4$ a piece and so soft! Try thrifting for material, you will be surprised at what ends up in the thrift stores!


    1. What a great find! Someone also gave me the suggestion to look for bigger sizes of clothing, and use the fabric for material. I have my eyes open for more and more things every time I go. 🙂


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