The Quarter Million Mile Club


I just figured there was such a thing as the quarter million mile club.  Surely, there is?  Well, whether there is or is not, I am now a member – even if unofficially.  Our number one car has just passed that mile-marking milestone and I was an insider, ready and waiting to get the picture.  Wow, I didn’t even know odometers went up that high.  And I surely didn’t expect any car of mine to make it there.  How much do we really drive after all?

She’s been a great car (all cars are shes, right?).  With the only exception of a few too many brake jobs, and that one time I hit an icy patch and wrecked her off of the side of the road, she just keeps on going.  Our ole’ Bonnie is a keeper!

She’s not much for off-roading, but live and learn.  As long as we keep to the streets, I think there is plenty of life in her still. Perhaps half a million miles is in our future…