The Quarter Million Mile Club


I just figured there was such a thing as the quarter million mile club.  Surely, there is?  Well, whether there is or is not, I am now a member – even if unofficially.  Our number one car has just passed that mile-marking milestone and I was an insider, ready and waiting to get the picture.  Wow, I didn’t even know odometers went up that high.  And I surely didn’t expect any car of mine to make it there.  How much do we really drive after all?

She’s been a great car (all cars are shes, right?).  With the only exception of a few too many brake jobs, and that one time I hit an icy patch and wrecked her off of the side of the road, she just keeps on going.  Our ole’ Bonnie is a keeper!

She’s not much for off-roading, but live and learn.  As long as we keep to the streets, I think there is plenty of life in her still. Perhaps half a million miles is in our future…


6 Replies to “The Quarter Million Mile Club”

  1. Congratulations! My little car is only at about 140 I think…I would love it if he (sorry, my car’s name is Jack) made it to 250! I do think it’s possible.


  2. Yay! Congratulations, Bonnie! I don’t think I’ve ever known someone in the quarter million mile club before. Also, I must say it makes me verrry happy that we’re not the only ones who name our cars and assign them genders (although Mr. M once owned a male VW named Toby… sorry to break the female-only streak).


    1. There is one vehicle in this family that has yet to be named (I like to think my guy hasn’t come up with the perfect name for his truck just yet), but when he does, I am guessing it will have a boy’s name. 🙂


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