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I See That the Fashion Wears Out More Apparel Than the Man

Skirtember Week 3:

Skirtember15-1715th – Derek Heart | 16th – Maurices | 17th – thrifted (no tag)

Skirtember18-1918th – Express | 19th – xhiliration

Skirtember20-2120th – Amy’s Closet | 21st – Cato

Remember I said that I had all of my skirts lined up and ready to go?  And also, I won’t have to repeat anything from last year and after this second time of doing Skirtember, all of my skirts will have been worn?  Well, this Skirtember a lot of the skirts I am wearing don’t get worn much.  In fact some of them I have had for years, and only just recently took off the tags – see the 18th.  So now the challenge is getting hard.

Many of my skirts at this point are old, or ones that I wasn’t too sure I really liked, or leftovers from my, I am only buying black phase, or velvet, (next week should have plenty of those) and they are hanging in the back of the closet for a reason.  So, it was kind of hard deciding what I wanted to wear this week, and I even wore something that I wore last Skirtember – the grey skirt of the 19th – gasp!  It is just so comfy and on a normal month, it gets worn quite a bit, I couldn’t help it.  Well, no repeats from this time around still stands at least.

On the bright side (not using any of this week’s outfits for a bright example, since black and grey seemed to be the overall theme), I will have a much smaller skirt collection because it’s fine time to get rid of the skirts that I don’t really want to wear.

And, in response to a previous question, Can one really have too many skirts?  The answer is yes, one can have too many skirts, but only if they aren’t getting worn.

*Title quote: Much Ado About Nothing, William Shakespeare.

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6 Replies to “I See That the Fashion Wears Out More Apparel Than the Man”

  1. Yes, if you don’t like wearing them, might as well not keep them. Who knows, someone else may like them! I only own maybe 5 skirts, but I have a LOT of dresses to keep up with.


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