I See That the Fashion Wears Out More Apparel Than the Man

Skirtember Week 3:

Skirtember15-1715th – Derek Heart | 16th – Maurices | 17th – thrifted (no tag)

Skirtember18-1918th – Express | 19th – xhiliration

Skirtember20-2120th – Amy’s Closet | 21st – Cato

Remember I said that I had all of my skirts lined up and ready to go?  And also, I won’t have to repeat anything from last year and after this second time of doing Skirtember, all of my skirts will have been worn?  Well, this Skirtember a lot of the skirts I am wearing don’t get worn much.  In fact some of them I have had for years, and only just recently took off the tags – see the 18th.  So now the challenge is getting hard.

Many of my skirts at this point are old, or ones that I wasn’t too sure I really liked, or leftovers from my, I am only buying black phase, or velvet, (next week should have plenty of those) and they are hanging in the back of the closet for a reason.  So, it was kind of hard deciding what I wanted to wear this week, and I even wore something that I wore last Skirtember – the grey skirt of the 19th – gasp!  It is just so comfy and on a normal month, it gets worn quite a bit, I couldn’t help it.  Well, no repeats from this time around still stands at least.

On the bright side (not using any of this week’s outfits for a bright example, since black and grey seemed to be the overall theme), I will have a much smaller skirt collection because it’s fine time to get rid of the skirts that I don’t really want to wear.

And, in response to a previous question, Can one really have too many skirts?  The answer is yes, one can have too many skirts, but only if they aren’t getting worn.

*Title quote: Much Ado About Nothing, William Shakespeare.

** Linking up again with scatteredseashells.com and kedarhower.blogspot.com.

6 Replies to “I See That the Fashion Wears Out More Apparel Than the Man”

  1. I love these outfits – you do skirts so well! I have way more dresses than I have skirts, and I tend to have to force myself to do a cleanse (waaay too many) 🙂


  2. Yes, if you don’t like wearing them, might as well not keep them. Who knows, someone else may like them! I only own maybe 5 skirts, but I have a LOT of dresses to keep up with.


    1. I have quite a few dresses also, and I feel the same way about some of them. Maybe I have more to get rid of than just skirts… And I thought I just cleaned out my closet. 🙂


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