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I have been enjoying this weather lately, not quite completely fall-like but everyday getting closer and closer (Although, it was still 80 degrees just a few days ago!).  The evenings and the mornings though have been wonderful, perfect for yard sales.

So, two weeks ago, on one such cooler-than-summer morning, I made it to a couple of yard sales.  It was a planned-out, last minute thought, like most of my yard sale outings are.  Planned-out meaning, I got a newspaper on Wednesday – the only reason I buy a local paper, never mind the news! – told myself I was going, and then decided Thursday night that I had too much to do around the house Friday, so I would just stay home.  Friday morning rolls around, and as my guy is leaving to work and asking me what I am doing for the day, I quickly change my mind about all of the housework I don’t want to do and say, I am going yard-saleing, can I have some money?  

My problem with yard sales opposed to thrift stores, I don’t find much because I like to look for clothes.  I hardly ever find my size, but every once in a while I get lucky, like I did on my last outing when I found some skirts – seems like that’s all I am writing about lately.  I also found a shirt and a stadium chair for the boy, he was pretty happy about that, but he ALWAYS finds stuff he wants at yard sales.  Come to think of it, he always finds stuff he wants EVERYWHERE!

About this skirt, it is lace – another favorite material of mine – and it is green – my favorite color!  It was as if it was just there waiting for me to find it!  I was very happy I went after all.  This time of the year is a great time for yard sales; I think I should plan to go again next week, or not…

thrifted green skirt

green skirtShirt – thrifted and refashioned || Skirt – I.N.C. international concepts (thrifted)|| Shoes – Candies || Necklace – me made

What thrifty items do you have up on your blog today?  Tag your post, ThursdayThrift so I can find you.  It is amazing sometimes what you can find second hand.  Let’s see those thrifty finds!   

*Linking up this week with Passion for Fashion, Favorite Fashion Friday, and Fab Favorites.

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6 Replies to “About Another Skirt”

  1. Pretty! I also think it’s much harder to find something specific that fits you at a yard sale, because they have a much smaller range of clothing sizes, typically. But every once in a while you find something great!


  2. i always have the hardest time at garage sales too, mostly because the ones in my neighborhood are usually family homes and just sell kids’ clothes haha. But that skirt is pretty- I really love that lace detailing 🙂

    PS- I found you through Penniless Socialite linkup!

    xo Marlen
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