Camera Shopping

Cone Flower copy

Just this week I sold our DSLR camera and I miss it already.  You see, I have come to enjoy bringing out the big camera for some of my daily photos and a lot of the blog pictures that I take.  In fact, when I realized that Sunday evening was going to be the last night with said camera, I immediately went outside and took some outfit photos of the last dress I made because those would probably be the last photos I would get to take with the camera, and they were.  Those and a few pictures of the cone flower that bloomed.

However, it is not the end of my DSLR camera world, I already have my eye on a few to take its place.  The main reason for getting rid of the older was to make way for the latest and greatest, which, for me, has yet to be determined.  I am leaning towards a Canon – I am familiar with the brand, have only good things to say about it, and it’s the only kind I’ve used – but, what about a Nikon?  The ball is pretty much in my court with this little shopping adventure because my guy is a little detached from the camera world as of late.  He is usually on top of all things new and improved, but this time, as far as cameras go, not so much.

I can say I have never had to shop for a camera.  My guy has always pointed me in the right direction, nay, led me right up to it and simply asked which color I liked.  This time, I am the one doing the research, although I am sure he’s not completely ignorant of what’s available right now, and I’m sure there will be a little nudging.

Here I go, off to scour the internet looking for specs, reviews, and what not all about cameras.  I’m sure to come out of this knowing much more than I started with, and hopefully in a month’s time, I’ll be happy to have another fancy camera nestled away in a nice new camera bag within arms reach.

How about you, any recommended brands?

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