The Go Vox Box // Product Review

The folks over at thought I was a good fit for their recent #GoVoxBox, and I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the recipients.  A couple of weeks ago, I came home to a pretty good sized box sitting on my front porch filled with plenty of goodies that were more than perfect for that part of me that likes to stay on top of my fitness routine.


Everything in here was definitely worth trying out, and here are my thoughts on those that really stood out to me.  (Disclaimer, I was sent these products, free of charge, for testing and review purposes from  Blogging about them was not a requirement, and all opinions are my own and are 100% honest.)

Blueberry Almonds

1.  No surprise, the one thing that got my attention right away were the almonds.  Specifically, blueberry almonds.  What?  I have never heard of such a thing and I am most definitely am an almond eater.  I love almonds and always stock up when I make my bi-weekly grocery run.  I usually stick to the plain version, so these were new to me, and I loved them.  Not too sweet and just enough flavor to seem like it was more of a treat than just a plain ole bag of nuts.  I also really liked that they were not artificially sweetened, unlike most all of the other flavored kinds that I have seen on the grocery shelves.  (I avoid artificial sweeteners like the plague!)

Profoot items

2.  A soft pedicure rock, I am intrigued.  I have never seen anything like this.  Usually, all that I ever come across are those hard stones that have no contour at all.  I would think that I should have some knowledge of pumice stones, all those years of ballet – I have my fair share of callouses – but alas, I am pretty ignorant when it comes to rocks that you rub on your feet.  So this was a nice thing to try out.

Vitamin Shoppe shakes

3.  Lastly of the items that I liked the most, the protein shakes and the handy dandy shaker.  The shaker is one of the better ones that I have used, and I have used a few.  I especially like how it is smaller than most, thus making it easy to take with you and there’s a neat carrying handle.  Also, the shaker insert really seems to do a good job mixing up the ingredients (it kind of helps also if you are a rigorous shaker, which I sometimes am not).  The Swiss chocolate was delicious as far as chocolate protein goes, and it was my favorite.  I tried to like the fresh berry flavor and did, at first, but it ended up being a little hard to drink toward the end.  The shakes are low carb and aren’t primarily soy – which I also like to avoid if at all possible.  Both the protein and the shaker are available at the Vitamin Shoppe which makes getting a hold of them pretty easy for me, another thing that I like about these.

All other items were tested, but my opinions for them will be shared over at when the post-trial surveys are available.  Oh, except for the yogurt.  At the time of writing this post, I still need to redeem my free coupon for it, and since I am not really a yogurt eater, I will probably only eat what I need to have an opinion and then give the rest to my boy.  He loves the stuff, me not so much.  Unless, it ends up being the best yogurt that I’ve ever tasted, then I’ll eat all of it by myself.

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