It’s Friday and You All Know What I Post On Fridays…

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Yes, it is the day I catch up on my life, journal style.  I tell you all the things that no one really wants to hear about, other people’s boring lives, and I show you some half way decent pictures to go with my previously mentioned boring life.  I can mix things up when I want to though, and today, I’m felling like a Friday Five kind of a post.

Here they are, my five favorite moments from this week, and this may be the quickest list that I have written up yet:


An electric meat grinder.  (Yes, I am talking about my appliances now on the blog.  Remember, boring life and all.)  My guy and I have been saying we are going to get one of these for years now.  We usually start taking about it more when hunting season is just about over and all that meat has been processed the good old fashion, by a hand crank grinder.  But this year, we were on top of things.  I found one at Sam’s last month and bought it.  It came in very hand Monday night.  My boy had a successful hunt last week and early this week was the time to get it all stored away.  Electric appliances have a way of making life so much easier.


Photo walks.  There was that field trip I already told you about, but another fun part of it was the chance to get out and take pictures.  I am finally making progress with my wanna-be-photographer status.  I got quite a few good ones.  I love taking pictures!


When one of us is happy, it tends to be contagious.  My boy got his braces off this week, and he is all smiles!  I can’t help feel a little bit giddy for him.  It has been two whole years, exactly, and as anxious as he was to get them on, he was even more anxious to get them off.


Wine.  It always make these lists.  I started my first ever batch of wine from the first ever crop of Carlos muscadines.  It smells wonderful, and I have high hopes of it tasting just as great.


Lastly, I am happy for the wonderful sun that has been shining since Wednesday.  I collected 3 1/2 inches of rain in my rain gauge from last weeks continuous drizzle, and I was desperately waiting for just one small glimpse of sun.  The clouds parted Wednesday morning, the fog lifted and it’s been sunny since.  I hope it stays this way for a few more days yet.

I could probably come up with a few more, but I will leave you with these five.  I have school work and laundry to get to, and I am feeling like making us some cornbread for dinner.  That just means I am going to have to go to Walmart, on a Friday.  Oh, I hope that little trip doesn’t ruin my mood…

Have a wonderful weekend, readers!  I will back here on Monday with my most recent completed sewing project.

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