RollinPets Pet Nail Clipper // Product Review

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The fourth member of our family hasn’t been too happy lately.  I think she was a little upset with us for leaving her a whole week when we went away on our trip.  It was the longest that she had been away from us, and probably after day three she thought she was never gonna see us again.  It took her almost two weeks to get back to her normal self.

We tired to make things as easy for her as possible when we got back.  She was a little stressed out and even ended up with the cone of shame for almost a week due to some hot spots that she wouldn’t leave alone.  She was also in desperate need of a proper grooming about the time we got back, but that may have just pushed her over the edge, so we have held off on taking her to her most dreaded place ever, the groomers.

Rollin Pets

In the mean time, she needed a little TLC.  She has had several home baths lately, and since she was over due on a grooming, she was over due on a nail trimming.  This nice kit I received from RollinPets couldn’t have come at a better time.  I was sent this product for the purpose of a review, and I must say it was a very welcomed little package when it arrived in the mailbox that day.

Rollin Pets Nail Clippers 2

Yuki hates to have her nails cut.  And for us, it is never a quick task.  The nail clippers that we had before these probably weren’t even dog clippers.  I remember using them on my cats way back when I had cats, and I don’t remember if they were for cats only or also for dogs.  They did the job between grooming sessions so I never even looked into replacing them, but they didn’t really do a good job.

Rollin Pets clippers 2

Rollin Pets nail clippers

Now that we have this brand from RollinPets, I will never use those others again.  In fact, I should just throw them away.  There is no comparison, these are wonderful!  They are heavy duty, sturdy in your hand, and get the job done quickly.  Perfect for an impatient dog.  They also have a movable safety guard that guarantees you won’t cut too short.  She didn’t even mind getting that dew claw cut, and that is the worst one to do.

Rollin Pets Clippers

The package also came with a plastic massaging comb, which Yuki liked okay.  She’s used to getting brushed on a regular basis, and probably thought this was just another one of those brushes that she has to put up with.  There was also a nice case.  I really like this because it makes storing the nail clippers easy and we should always know where they are – assuming we the boy puts it away after it gets used.


I am glad we got the chance to try these because I really had no idea on what we were missing out.  Pet nail clippers are not all the same.  Should you be interested in one of your own, you can find them here.

*I was sent this product at a very discounted rate for the purpose of an honest review.  Opinions are all my own, and are 100% truthful.

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