Another week with nothing me-made to show for a Monday.  I have several projects in progress, but nothing finished for today.  In fact, I have not a single thing completed so far for 2016.  By this time last year, I had already made four dresses.  I am slacking for sure.  And, I have slacked some on posting about what I have worn lately.  It won’t take long to get you all up to speed though.  So here you go, what I have worn in the last three weeks, as far as my ever-expanding dress collection goes…

Weeks 16 – 18 are from January 24th – February 13th and I have four dresses worn that will live to see another day.

Dress 25

Dress 25 / 111 (made by me)


Dress 26 / 111 (made by me)


Dress 27 / 111 (xhiliration)


Dress 28 / 111 (made by me)

Considering this is three week’s worth of dresses, I kind of thought I would have done a little bit better.  I do re-wear a lot of my dresses that I have already posted so that is partly to blame.  But, I still have plenty of time left to go so no worries from me.  If I have my act together – and the weather cooperates – I just may have my next outfit round-up on time next week.  Also, I am hoping to have a few more posts up this week as well.  Stay tuned…

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