Is that right?  How has it been five whole weeks since I last posted about my latest and greatest wardrobe wear out?  Where did all that time go, and why haven’t I gotten more dresses worn!?  In five week’s time – March 20th to April 23 – I probably should have worn a lot more of the dresses in my closet that I hadn’t worn before.  But, no, many were repeats so the only new ones to show are these three.  Three seems to be my number of choice in these posts, doesn’t it?  It’s probably all for the better, because how many pictures of me, awkwardly standing the same way, in front of my red brick wall, could you guys take at one time?  Three, you say?  Good, here they are:


Dress 35 || the Blown Away dress (made by me)


Dress 36 || The Marilyn Full of Marbles dress (made by me)


Dress 37 || The Floral Bicycle dress (made by me)

Now, speaking of wearing things and on a slightly different topic, although not really.  It is April 28th, that means May 1st is just around the corner.  The significance of May 1st being that it will soon be Me Made May!  (Try to control your excitement, Erika.)  My sewing self has come to really look forward to this time of the year, and it will be a great month to get caught up on wearing some of the items that I haven’t been lately for my wardrobe wear out.  I am passed the half way point now, and I know I better get with it, cause I have too many dresses that I don’t want to get rid of.

I am, once again, going to try and wear something me made everyday for the month of May.  And, once again, I am going to exclude days of working in the yard, days that find me participating in sporting events, and days that I am doing things out of the ordinary that require me to wear not normal attire.  This will be my fourth year participating and I am more than ready for the challenge, are you?

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