It’s been hot over here in West TN, but from what I see when I briefly catch a glimpse of the weather news, it has been hot all over lately.  I’ve been doing my best to beat the heat in my own way, but some days there is nothing I can do to avoid being out in it.  I am getting used to the hot and humid days, that doesn’t mean that I like them, it just means that I have learned to deal with them.

Elderberries 2016

I have actually been spending a little more time outdoors than usual in the form of tanning (or trying to anyway) and in the form of extra time walking the dog.  I am only tanning because I was starting to look strangely pale compared to everyone around me, and it would be nice on pool and water park days not to worry so much about burning.  I’m still plenty white so I will probably still burn the next full day out in the sun.  The extra dog walking is mostly because I have a friend with a new FitBit and we keep competing in weekly step challenges.  I have learned over the years that I am somewhat competitive, and it’s really fun pushing myself to be as active as I possibly can throughout the week.

blueberry season 2016

Then there has been the time spent outside doing yard work and such.  My blueberries are ripening and it’s a daily morning chore to get out and pick them.  The boy helps here, but he tends to overlook a lot and or eat more than he brings inside.  We’ve not had much to do over in the vineyard.  The vines are growing like crazy, and there’s not a lot of fruit to pull this summer as we have more mature plants.  Also, the weeds haven’t been that bad.  It’s not been raining so that probably has something to do with that.

driving around

When I am not outside, I am either in my car driving somewhere or inside sewing.  I made another dress from the last pattern I used last week and it came out great.  It will have it’s own blog post as soon as I wear it and get some pictures.  I’ve been only wearing yard clothes, gym clothes, or swimming wear lately, so there’s not much of a chance for any new outfit photos this week.

summer sunset 2016

And that has been my life these last several days.  I still need to spend a day or two and get my super-summer cleaning spree out of the way.  I usually do that first thing on my summer break, but not this year.  I tease my guy that he is gonna eventually have to fire the maid.  I think he’s kind of partial to the one he has, so no chance of that, ha ha!  I will get to it soon enough.

I’ll be back soon.  Stay cool, everyone!

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