Really it was a couple of weeks ago that we were in this cotton field, but the title reminds me of a song and it has the word ‘today’ in it, so I just went with it.  (The song’s actually about a cornfield though.  Oh, well.)

The boy and I had a bit of time to kill while out and about one day so we stopped and took a couple of pictures.  We were at the UT Ag Research Center in Jackson.  They have beautiful gardens, lots of bottle trees, and plenty of agricultural plots.  They had already started harvesting the cotton and there was a harvesting machine moving through the neighboring plot just to the left of us, but he was still far enough away, so we had time to take a few pics as we were on our way out.

I’ve mentioned before, my boy doesn’t mind us stopping to take pictures these days, but I will say he gets a little impatient when I ask him to take pictures of me.  He’s always hungry and we’ve always been taking too many pictures by the time I ask him for a few of me.  I guess it’s my fault.  Next time I will ask him to take my picture first.

One of the many things I love about fall in the Mid-South, the beautiful cotton fields.

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