Less than ten weeks left of 2017!  What?  Okay, so this has been the fastest year of my life.  Another late post, I am sorry.  I hate being so unreliable!  Not feeling well has been a pain.  And the worst of it is that just when I feel better, I go about my daily life, then feel badly again.  I am happy to report, however, that as of Friday I have been doing well.  I even made it to the gym this evening for the first time in a whole long week and I survived.  We did lots of sprints and I didn’t die, so I have to be back to normal, right?  Now if this annoying cough would leave…

Another thing I wish would leave, this cat.  Ugh, I should never leave my garage door open, ever.  Hummingbirds, random dogs, and now a cat have found their way in there.  And this cat might have left had my boy not immediately fed it and made it a bed on the front porch.  It’s quickly becoming the resident porch cat.  Ethan took it across the street and asked my neighbor if he wanted it, but after his last cat suddenly got sick, he wasn’t ready to take in another.  I posted it on the lost animals of the county Facebook site, but it’s not lost anymore, I guess.  We shall see how long it stays around.  I couldn’t find it when I got home this evening, but then an hour later the boy stepped out and there it was.  I think Ethan and the cat have conspired against me.

In other news, I was feeling pretty lousy last week and spent a lot of time doing nothing.  I graded papers, in bed, and then did all the laundry that I could cause early last week my washer seemed as if it was going to break.  Turns out it was only a bad lid switch, so we manipulated it for the time being and it wasn’t until today that I would get the replacement part, so I washed all I could before it went out for good.  That part that I did get today, turned out to be a seat belt adjuster thing for car seats.  Amazon messed up, and now I have to wait even longer for my washer part.  So far, the pencil we have wedged against the broken switch is working alright.  Hope it stays that way cause I don’t really want to go the the laundry mat anytime soon.

I also got a few new grey hairs last week.  I have a teenage boy, and last week was one of those weeks that I was well aware of it.  All is well now, but there isn’t anything I can about these grays since I won’t be dyeing my hair anytime soon.  I should find myself a good masseuse.  Sometimes stress relief is very much needed.

Lastly for last week, I got a nice bunch of fabric in the mail and spent some time this weekend working on making dresses for my up and coming Etsy shop.  I had hoped to have three done after a Sunday of sewing, but got one complete, another one almost done, and a third cut out.  The third one is for me and I thought to do the others first cause I am going to have to change all my threads for mine.  I want it done by Thursday, and I have hopes to have at least four to post on Etsy by this weekend.  Let’s see how that works out…

And that is my update on life.  School is back after a week off, and I am plenty busy with everything I have going on.  I am really glad I finally feel better this week.

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