Tour Nashville: Wall Murals in the Gulch Take Two

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About seven months ago the boy and I finally got the chance to find a few wall murals in Nashville.  It wasn’t raining for once and we had an afternoon to spare.  It was quite a picture-taking adventure for us, and an ‘adventure’ we knew we wanted to do again.

Things were a little bit different the second time around.  It was the 2nd day of March, the heat was nowhere to be found, and we had been up before dawn.  We made it to the downtown area just before 7 am and it was kind of cold.  I had a sweater but something a little thicker would have been nice.  This time parking wasn’t a problem, and I was happy to see many early morning dog walkers and joggers out and about from the nearby condos and apartments.  I’d say we blended in, but not really.  At least I didn’t.  I’m sure I had that total tourist look.

I did park a bit out of the way from the Gulch area as I was hoping to find a few other downtown murals in our two hour parking window.  But after stopping to get a quick bite to eat and walking to our first picture taking destination it didn’t seem touring the whole downtown area on foot was going to happen.  We stopped a lot to take pictures on the way which slowed us down some.

I have three new murals to post today.  Four total, but that extra one below is just another picture of one I posted last time.  Looked a lot different with an empty parking lot!

First stop were the Nashville guitar wings – that’s what I am calling them and I am sure I’m not the only one who does.  Last time this photo spot had a line of people waiting to take pictures.  This time no people but instead a delivery truck parked right next to the curb which cut off my full view considerably.  No worries, the boy had his new phone and was able to get a picture or two for me.

Hi, I match a wall, have guitar wings, and a weird looking leg.  My boy, he didn’t care so much about the wings.  He just wanted to take a selfie and do flips.

Next on the mural list was about a six minute walk away.  We got to pass through a neat condo/apartment neighborhood that was busy with dog walkers and early morning landscapers.  I stopped to smell the flowers.  More like photograph the flowers which is almost the same thing to me.

Then just around the block we found this one.  We spent the most time here.  I was messing with camera settings and the boy, he took a few selfies and then took a few pictures for me.  I’ve got a mixed batch of photos.  Most of the ones with me came from his phone.  It takes really nice pictures!

Just diagonally from where we were was the Yazoo Brewery and they’ve got a mural of their own.

Yes, plenty of places to stop and take a picture.  Before we knew it, our two hours were almost up and we had a ways to walk to get back to where we parked.  I had reached over half of my FitBit step goal before we even left the downtown area.  And despite the cold, after all the rain we’d had this week, being outside walking in the sunshine felt really good.

I will look forward to the next time we get to hunt for murals.  I’m sure it’s gonna be a lot warmer then.


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